Sunday, 24 February 2013

Coming back

A level results.


Less friends online now.

Dragon Age is quite boring.
Red dead is ok but on xbox. Much prefer PC.

Quiet and sad on a Sunday morning. But I still have my coffee :D

Early book-in. I guess IDM casuse next week is short... A level results.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Spilled Light

Spilled light from the sun,
it warms from head to soul.
Bled and blessed stars,
their blood precede shadows.

They shine into cathedrals,
beaming with strong grace.
It tells to men of beauty,
spirit and their place.

They enter the cracks of tall canopy
and seep into lowly forests floors.
The rays never discriminate,
they follow nature's lore.

Spilled light from the sun,
they pervade without concern.
It shares plentifully with the destitute,
than those walled up in their mansions.

Zaki trying to make us post again lol.

Book in days make me really sian. Really sentimental. 
I'm starting to retract the no nonsense, no drama attitude towards people.
Marcus got DOTA and I got L4D.
And Yan Zhou got everything lol.

My MacBook is dying... my pictures and music...