Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Two posts one stone

Dug this up from my iPhone. A bit off-timing haha... I guess I didn't want to post it before because... yeah I shy la huh. haha

Never and Maybe
Never and maybe
We'll be together
Someday in the midday
Shady and cool weather

When the dusts settles
And the sober stretch
After all our battles
Still journeys await

This time more calmly
This time I'll walk slower
And I'll meet you in the park
On the bench by the raintree

Someday in the summer
We'll see each other
Tired but wiser
In loving company.

I always believed that people would eventually find that their other half would just be the familiar face of a best friend, after all the whirlwind relationships with others. And that this love was simple yet deeply profound. Maybe its settling or maybe its just realizing both the pragmatism and graceful romance that it brings.

The point was never to be perfect, but to make up for each other's flaws. Sounds like a movie quote.

If she's reading, pinch of salt please.

A poem ago

I wrote this in BMT and didn't remember to post it... I thought of it doing guard duty, to keep me occupied.

Leaf on an ocean
Cast upon an ocean
Its waters deep and calm
I am but a leaf
the size of a man's palm

Floating with no direction
Drifting infinite
The waves they compel me
With crests, holding tight

I am blamelessly free
Yet emptiness grips me
I am helplessly lost
Save me from this permafrost.

And that would explain tons of how I felt... (not in army but in general)

Saturday, 1 February 2014


I used to do this thing on my blog where I would make the text white to hide certain parts. Secret-ish parts.

Because in a blog, I always wondered. It was like a secret that was there. It was a quaint corner cafe down the alley where the lonely go to and they smile in introspection. It is a place people found, or walked on. But it was always there, with open arms. And you like to know people read you, but perhaps very few actually do, if not none at all. But you still have this corner. And maybe one day people will find it. Maybe one day people will ask. Instead of words, maybe a picture will do.

Vincent Munier, photographer (vincentmunier.com)
Alfred Leonid, artist (google images)

They express... this secret place.

The nights are longest when you make them
But I liked that it went on
Dragged into the nearing hours of morn
I know I should be sleeping

The yawns longer and deeper
And debris from drink and snack
Crashed out a while ago
But in the ruins I stood and went

In transit dawn to dawn
Knowing you are finally free
Didn't explain it fully
Wanting to go on
I know I should be sleeping