Sunday, 15 March 2015

On my feet

I had this thought.
That right now it's a transition phase; for sure, before university begins.
And then what?
What if after I graduate... I feel the same?
What should I look forward to, besides tomorrow's cup of coffee?

O and maybe it's time I change up my blog a little?
Just had another thought.
The day when one of my future american friends stumbles upon my blog.

Tomorrow I start my temp job, a bit frightened that they expect me to be able to do some complicated excel manoeuvre ahhhh. Other then that, I'll just be looking forward to: Nightwish, Stephen Wilson, IEHAC, Witcher 3, AC5. (This is why I don't make a great boyfriend... or maybe it makes me an easy boyfriend??) 

Also, driving stinks.
If there was a way to see the trends of my blog post tags... it'll be cool. Plus I can see my 'angst' label go down... right?
A bien to!

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Tusk doesn't play from behind

Said I wanted to try a fun hero. And Wei Qi drafted it... in a joke line-up. Well can't blame him since he doesn't understand Tusk, his strengths, etc. but the mentality, just sucks. Pick a fun hero cause it's a 'chill' match am I right? Nobody expects you to win am I right? So why pick a hero? Sickening thing about Dota to me is 'the meta'. It's gotten better of course, with more heroes being picked professionally. But there's always this OP hero that everyone just plays all the time. And then there's this irony, you see. That you're angry because people are just interested in winning by playing the meta, but then you get disappointed when you don't play the meta and you lose. What were you expecting? The underdog to win?

Friday, 6 March 2015

#89 Slippers

The Singaporean uniform is shirt, shorts and slippers. My favorite outfit of all time. And way cheaper too. I mean Zara is nice but come on.

I decided to write tonight because I haven't in a while.
The days have gone on... and sincerely they've just been like NS... transitional, routine (but hell 'uva lot more fun). I'd wish for something different, but I threw that away. 

Unfinished and incoherent stuff.

My oddities keep me sane.

I think about days past,
And only remember the worst. 
Signs of a perfectionist,
A regretful curse.