Sunday, 28 March 2010

And so it begins...my long post

Coursework topic: Bridges. Final product in mind: Photobook
So in the last post I said I would try to post again 'tommorow' but actually its on the same day because I posted at 12am ++ today. Whatever, anyways I shall continue.

Friday: Few things happened that totally changed my view of some classmates.
English teacher scolded us. I sincerely think she made a lot of good points about our class. Therefore was really shocked when Amrit rebutted her. On one hand, his from the debate team so I mean, he DEBATES. On another, he is a student leader and I always thought they were very decent people. I mean its unfair of me to judge, but I assumed he was more of a Jia Lok than a Hendrik ya know? Ok I'm rambling on without telling you what happened.

Well we started the class well enough with her (the teacher) talking about the quote of the day (that she gave). If I remember well enough it was something like. "The best way to spend your life is to do something that outlasts life." Thought it was a very good quote. It really got me thinking. So she went on to talk about how we should become legends and leave behind legacies. So she said something like always remember this L word, when a classmate of mine made a pretty immature remark, saying it was losers or something. I thought it was Justin.

So that's number one, because I always thought the twins were a little on the fun side but otherwise had good character and moral. I really didn't expect Justin to be so immature, even after that he was laughing about it... I thought it was an awful thing to say, seeing as our generation is pretty much the opposite of that quote, thinking about living life to the fullest as in having all your own fun and doing nothing for humanity.

My teacher was evidently angered and frustrated and I could understand why. She's been trying her best to get my class moving towards the O levels but so far my class has been as complacent as the choir. After that she gave us a talk on how complacent our class was and how the top scorer list shows it. I personally felt ashamed. The fact that I only got 'T's for two subjects was starting to sink in. =(

Secondly, was Amrit. He actually dared rebutt on her points about how our class should have a lot of people on the top scorer's list but weren't. I used to be like that. I used to make excuses about every mistake I did. Was it pride? Was it self-deception? Whatever it is, I'm trying my best to change. Now, whenever a senior or teacher gives a pep talk, EVEN THOUGH I feel it's not my fault AT FIRST, I will always find fault in myself INSTEAD of finding excuses. Then, even if the truth is its not my fault, I will try and change from the experience. Sometimes, I realize I really am at fault, sometimes I'm really not the one, but whatever the case, any change for the better is always good. Think your chemistry is pro? Think again. Think your a good singer? Improve more. Think your exercising enough? Try harder.

Geez I think I'm turning a bit HUSAIN. Never happy with who you are, always try and improve kind of thing. Thirdly, was You Duen. I don't know when I got the idea that You Duen was SELFLESS. So in case you don't know yet, my timetable on thursday extends all the way into choir time. So the choir teacher-in-charge, Ms Lau (who just so happens to be an awesome maths teacher), made an arrangement to have maths on thursdays for the period that eats into choir, in other words, the class has maths while we have choir. Then the next day, we have lesson with Ms Lau on Friday. The issue is that by changing the periods, the class now has 5 periods of maths in a row.

Then in term 2, our timetable was err TWISTED up again. So our teacher... OK NVM I think I'm going too long. You Duen apparently thinks they (the rest of the class) shouldn't have to "SACRIFICE" themselves for "THE MINORITY", alleging that they can't concentrate on the lesson if they have consecutive 2hrs 55 mins of maths in a row. NUMBER 1, IT ISN'T IN A ROW. There is a lunch break in the middle for pete's sake. Number 2, do you realize how selfish that is!! Look I've had it with all this nonsense about "stop accusing me of being selfish!" or "this is what I think, you can't hold that against me". OMGOSH, do you know how steorotypical teenagers are these days!!! Are they THIS spoilt and pampered. SO NOW TEENAGERS ARE ACTUALLY ALLOWED TO ARGUE AGAINST MORAL VALUE? AGAINST HELPING YOUR FELLOW MAN? Only one thing to say. AMERICAN. I had to censor that because its racist so I apologize in advance if I offended anyone. <---- YOU SEE WHAT I JUST DID? I JUST DID EXACTLY WHAT TEENAGERS ARE DOING NOW. Getting away with things BY REASONING? Seriously, some things, cannot be explained unless you have the basic moral compass.

Which is what I'm driving at this whole time. Both Amrit and You Duen reason and give excuses. Which are logical on one hand. BUT TOTALLY WRONG on another! Maybe some of you are thinking: You Duen's right because its unfair for the whole class to 'suffer' for four choir members. Think about what your saying! "SUFFER?" So 5 periods of maths is considered 'SUFFERING' to our generation is it? Then think deeper, your willing to let 4 of us take the bullet and FAIL GEOGRAPHY (the subject we are switching the periods with) so you guys can continue NOT LISTENING in maths class anyway!? Just the thursday before, You Duen was doing chinese homework during class. How can I trust his views if he can't even put in effort to listen to maths class in the first place!? Maybe if he was at least trying his best to listen and concentrate, I'd understand his situation because he really can't concentrate. Unfortunately, its not the case. Unfortunately, generation Y (our generation) is really a STRAWBERRY GENERATION. You know that video poem you showed me the other day X? Its looking a bit too optimistic now.

Guess what? I'm not finished. After that was Hendrik. When I talked to him, I SAW a bit of my old self in him... I was requesting that he be a bit more serious regarding choir, and set good examples outside too. I also asked that he stopped joking about stuff like "let's pon choir" even though he doesn't mean it. There were three things I saw that I could relate...
The first was that in choir he claims he is serious and outside he can be happy go lucky and have fun. I really thought like that too, I thought if you do your own thing all the time, you can be happy go lucky all the time. Then I realized, there are somethings in life you need to be serious about, that inevitably, your going to affect other people in bad ways even though you don't mean to. That sometimes you have to sacrifice a bit of your own fun for the sake of a something larger than you. In this case, the choir. So I stopped being all fun and games, stopped being happy go lucky all the time. There are times when you can't take things lightly or take the 'soft' approach. Sometimes you have to get emo or angry to not just wake yourself up, but others around you.

World Peace? To me, it won't and shouldn't happen. Some wars change people's mindsets. With peace all the time, some things never change. The pacific war showed how discriminated Asians were to some extent. I'm not advocating war, no way, war sucks. I'm saying, nothing is perfect, nothing can go your way all the time.

Secondly, was pride. But I'll talk about that next time.

Thirdly, was joking. I thought once, that by making lame jokes, I was trying to make people laugh, not to annoy them. I thought then, that it wasn't my fault that people take it the wrong way, that "its their problem" as Hendrik so aptly commented. However, sometimes in life, even though you don't mean it, there will always be people who take jokes seriously, some people who can't understand your intentions. In that case, its your job to be mindful of what you say instead of excusing yourself "its not my problem if he takes it the wrong way".

I understand how Hendrik feels, it feels so unfair that he has to change for other people, that he has to do all the sacrificing. That he has to change his lifestyle for others. But that to me, is being individualistic. Life is unfair. When people are mean to me, I tolerate them. When people are not doing their part of the project work, I cover up for them. When people think my jokes are annoying, I control my itching tongue around them, I change a bit of who I am. When a friend whom I know never does works hard or studies asks a question, I answer them. When you sacrifice for others, you become the better person in hopes that others will follow suit. Selflessness.

I try my best not to complain or brag about this kind of thing, you just have to be true to yourself and your heart. I know I'm still arrogant. I want to be humble, maybe I'll get there one day. Of course, I'm not saying you don't always tell others how you feel if they are mean to you, if you don't it might sometimes eat you up inside, you have to try and convince them without getting agitated. I'm also not saying you keep helping lazy students as well. I'm saying you still help them, but convince them along their way to see the err of their ways and change for the better.

We are all human afterall. Btw I'm still not done with Friday. I'm so long-winded
At the bottom right is a hint of what happened the rest of Friday.

I'm busy

I'm busy.

OK now use your inferencing skills to decipher that. lolz.

Why was this message written? [5m]
L1/1m (Answer based on only on provenance): Li Keen is busy so he wrote this.
L2/2m (Answer based on only on content): It is to tell readers he is busy.
L3/3-4m (Answer based on content and provenance): The author is Li Keen, so he wrote this message because he is busy in real life, having 10 subjects, and thus has a lot of school work.
L4/5m (Answer based on purpose): The author Li Keen wrote this because he hasn't posted in a long time and its actually an apology to readers of his blog and also explaining that he is going to be busy for a while.

Haha, actually had a lot going on I wanted to share.
 Sunday: My house is bugged!!!!!!! Yah I know I've posted before, probably cause of the rain. I shouldn't be whining cause everyone probably has it like me. Its just I have sinus so it gets worse. Plus they always creep into my room at night.

Monday: Woke up with a bad headache and cold, think it was the flies last night. First day of school, holiday homework all managed in time.

Tuesday: Homework piling again, no time to post. Decided to sleep in elder brother's room. Don't know why, feels much better than my room

Wednesday: Woohoo Cross-Country!!! Cheered my heart out. Highlight of the day: A Cedar Girls' runner collasped near the finish line. Team from St. John's Ambulance stationed nearby at first 不知所措 then went to try and carry legs and arms...then DROPPED THEM WHAT THE. One of my school's junior leaders EPICLY jumped over the fence and carried her single handedly away from the other runners! WOAHH. So awesome, great guy. I assure you, NEXT PRESIDENT OF SINGAPORE.

Then another group of St. John's Ambulance, carrying a stretcher, ran out HEROIC STYLE and RAN PAST where my schoolmate had earlier carried to safety LOLS It was so fail. However, on a more serious note, the school should really look at the preparedness of the paramedics, we're dealing with people's lives here. Too bad I was so stunned I didn't capture the moment on my D90. If I'd taken a picture I would have captioned: "St John's sit on the fence. VS jumps over the fence." CAN YOU GIVE E A HIGH FIVE!. lolz. I really suck at sports photography. Also got to PAW-FIVE the YOG mascots Merly (WHO HAS LEGS) and Leo (WHO WALKS ON TWOS). Haha, so cute!! Who cares whether their realistic, Singapore is AWESOME. No I'm not being politcally correct so I don't get called up. I mean seriously man, I've been to other countries and the best they've shown me. I'm really grateful for Singapore. You know I wish I could tell all those idiots who act cool and talk about propaganda and all that, PATRIOTISM IS NOT BRAINWASH. BTW I compress pictures cause my D90 shots are way overpowered.

Just cause something is awesome doesn't mean theres some scandal belieing it. I can talk about bad aspects about Singapore too, I'm not saying their perfect, neither am I gullible enough to believe everything the government tells us. I really dislike people for acting all superior as if they know something I don't just cause I'm patriotic. Haiyo. That brings me to what put me off that day. A bunch of clowns sitting at a table behind the stadium playing Iphone. I really cannot tell you how much hatred I feel. No no not as much as Sasuke. I used to think that those American shows depicting school life were exeggerated. Frankly, their not far from the truth. Btw we won both C division and B division titles!

Thursday: I'm getting so much better sleeping in my bro's room! In fact I went for 2.4 but only ran about 2/3 of the course. No I'm not a wuss, I just haven't recovered. I am so unfit now! T.T All of a sudden Jia Lok can do pull-ups!? I feel so emo. On a more serious matter, the choir is getting more and more complacent...I really don't know how to whip them back into shape like last year's SYF if they are going to continue like this.

Well I'm going to stop here, will try post about what happened on Friday and Saturday tommorow cause I'm tired and cause there were a lot of things then also. The elusive red dragonfly. The best I could do with a D90, couldn't get behind it. I know my photography so louzy =(

Saturday, 13 March 2010


Though there is a negligible number of readers, I still want to ask how you'd like me to write and what kind of posts you guys like. Haha, I know its my blog so I should choose but I'm just asking for opninions here. Anyway, some of you may be wondering what I do in my limited spare time. What do you mean you don't care? Whatever! Like I CARE THAT YOU CARE! =(

Well here's a list of websites I surf.
explosm.net <--- awesome comics and animated shorts
onemanga.com <--- for Bleach and Naruto
other people's blogs whom I shall not name cept photoshopdisasters.blogspot.com
geekologie.com <--- funny unique commentaries on geek stuff
youtube.com which includes these regularly watched subscriptions
MysteryGuitarMan (His a sound editting genius!)
RayWilliamJohnson (Unqiue & dam funny commentaries on viral videos)
Kemlye1 (Very good piano covers)
Waverlyflams (source of randomness, laughter and movie editting/camera techniques)

你也许会问,我为什么突然说出这些东西。Well it just so happens I just watched one of mystery guitar man's vids and it was so dam awesome I want to tell everyone about his channel. Being a history and social studies student, in order to get the level 5 answer, I'd probably have to go deeper. Well my subconcious intention is to persuade you readers to watch some of the promoted channels, thereby giving us common grounds to make conversation on. HOLY CRAP where did that come from!? OK nevermind.

In other news, my friend asked me to take part in the story competition for Runescape, saying that the "Americans can't write". Well I personally disagree cause one, their talent pool is bigger and it only takes one to beat us. Two, you can't forget that Runescape is probably the biggest MMORPG there is so unless your a steorotypical American who thinks there's no other country in the world...I'm KIDDING KIDDING. Hopefully the CIA doesn't look for me =X Though, he has a point saying its only 400 words, plus the premise is reasonably easy (write an essay based on one of the missions in the Zamarok campaign of Armies of Glielinor) to win LIFETIME membership.

OK EMO TIME. I just realized I am actually really lucky to meet stomata underneathe and Jia Lok. Both of them made me 恍然大悟,发觉我真正的朋友是谁。Why the former? Cause he was the one that hurt me enough for me to finally understand who my real friends are, to wake up from my delusion that I WANT to be friends and WANT to hang out with people who just aren't COMPATIBLE with me! You can change the software, but the hardware inside a computer can't be rigged that easily. Its just genetic coding. 还有,我也很感激自己在4D班。为什么呢?In 4D, I met new friends, 志同道合的朋友。I've learnt a lot since secondary 1. I've learnt about being proud of what you like, not ashamed. To stand up for justice in the face of peer pressure. To be discerning and stoic in life, taking control of your anger and know what's the right thing to do.
May switch to commenting on news or recent stuff more.
One of Mystery Guitar Man's videos. His kinda eccentric, but so was Van Gogh and Einstein. Hmm..& me?

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Reason to be cynical

This is an outrage!!! What is this man! Just got back my Maths test on standard deviation and mean, etc., don't so much care for the marks but the last question was just BLASPHEMY!! I thought teachers were NOBLE and ABOVE the kind of degrading society we have, unfortunately, they are governed by social norms as much as us. "Li Keen, now they you know ah!?" FINE ok I've been optimistic, too trusting or whatever but anyway here's what happened.

The question is about this tuition teacher and his/her student's scores in I forgot what. The last sub-question was comparing two sets of mean and standard deviation derived from slightly different sets of data. The first one calculates both based on each individual student's score and the 2nd one is putting the range (like students between 60 to 70 marks all one column), so the mean will be just 65 x the frequency, it you think about it, obviously the first set of data will be more accurate (the 2nd doesnt take into account extremes in the range).

So they ask you to choose which the teacher should include in a progress report. So I put the first one cause its more accurate... However, the TEXTBOOK and the TEACHER both say the correct answer is the 2nd one because the mean is bigger and standard deviation smaller, so it shows her teaching better. IN OTHER WORDS LYING. GOSH!!! This is mathematics!! Not FALSE ADVERTISING. K its not false but isnt this the kind of business tactics that errrrrr BUSINESS TACTICIANS USE?

As it turns out, Singapore's education system is craftily teaching us to be good businessmen and possibly LAWYERS. Yes lawyers. Why lawyers? I don't know. I don't like lawyers. Lawyers suck. Ok that's enough.

Anyway today I went for Flag day. I don't need to elaborate too much, just look at this rough statistics I estimated based on whom I asked/pleaded/begged or made eye contact with.

A: Donated
B: Politely refused (Verbal/non-verbal)
C: Totally DAO/装聋作哑/Instinctively takes out phone/找借口

Elderly (35%)...A: 60% B: 23% C: 17%
Adults (40%)...A: 59% B: 21% C: 20%
年轻人(25%)...A: 7% B: 7% C: 86%
Special mention: Cripple donated $1, two girls holding expensive looking phones, wearing jewellry and designer bags completely ignored me

Elderly (37%)...A: 51% B: 7% C: 42%
Adults (25%)...A: 62% B: 12% C: 26%
年轻人(38%)...A: 5% B: 3% C: 92%
Special mention: Hunchback donated $1, group of 7 girls walk past me, first 6 DAO, last one "Oi come on la donate" all donated a dollar or more in the end.

Other observations: Male teenagers donated more than females though numbers still small. Males usually give stone face after I say thank you for donating.

So well, you can see the trend bah. This could possibly be like 报章报道 question lol. So now must give possible reasons. PERSONIFICATION MODE ACTIVATE!#!# I DO NOT NEED PROFESSIONAL HELP.

年轻人/Teenagers: "We're obviously richer and therefore more BOOMZ than others cause we can afford 10 EYEphones and the homeless can't, of course we shouldn't donate! Plus our hands ache when we try and take out coins because they are like in our wallet and stuff and the zipper is rustyyy you know what im sayin? SHINGZ! Why should we itch our hands for the homeless and poor discriminated ex-convicts? That's so likee... unfair SIOL!

Adults: "Argh there's a flag day volunteer standing over there, crap he's strategically stationed in front of the MRT entrance! Dang it, should I donate? Maybe if I check my smses and act like I totally didn't see him and therefore am unable to donate cause I'm obviously busy and in a hurry. Yeah I'll do that...DANG he saw me! Oh no his asking me to donate, got to rush to my business meeting hiya just give him notes if I can't find some coins and maybe he'll go away!

Elderly: "Aiyo aiyo 那个男孩那么poor thing! 整天在太阳下站,天气这么热!哎哟看他全省流汗了!这么可怜!看来我给他一笔钱吧。。。=) (Hey you know one lady so caring she even dragged me out of the hot sun into the shade =O I'm grateful though, don't know why I want act tough for lolz)

Cripples: "I understand the kind of hardships that these poor people have to go through, it is only right that I help them get back on their feet!" < I think I'm going to cry ='( so touching sia

Not my christmas tree.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010


First of all, sorry for such a late post. You see, I was trying my best to recover (which ironically means slacking VERY HARD) from this irritating Bronchitis or something.

As you may already know, I find History very interesting and engaging (in other words I love it). It kind of started in P4 when my uncle bought me & my elder brother Age of Mythology(AOM) for christmas. It got me really interested and engaged (in other words loving it)in mythology for the first time because before that, I had known bits and pieces of mythology especially Greek, and the game had a very unique feature of showing you the history and facts of almost everything in the game just by clicking on the icon of the object with it selected. So when I first started, I was like "Hey I know this guy (E.g. Achilles)!" So I clicked the icon and read the mythology surrounding the character and from then on I was hooked. I read almost every single units', researchs', buildings', dieties' histories and mythologies. The many times I visited the library I borrowed books on mythology and history, mostly concerning the Greek, Egyptian and Norse civilizations because they were the three you can choose from when you play AOM.

Then when family members or friends stumbled onto the subject, I 口如悬河地talked about it. Each time they were impressed and commended me on it, I swelled with pride and slowly became arrogant and lazy. I stopped borrowing books at the library and research on the subject. I was also very close-minded to other civilizations such as the Celts and Chinese. I was also disliked how Roman mythology actually took most of the Greek one and completely changed the names, which I saw as copying. However, I am honest with myself now, I am no professional in this area. My mum said I could lecture classes on it, but really I can't. For one thing, I mostly know only mythology and very little history because it was more boring. For another, my understanding was shallow and limited because I didn't pursue a lot of less well known legends and stories. Lastly, I was closed minded to other mythologies.

Now, I'm beginning to be more receptive and take in more history, which is not only limited to the three ancient civilizations as mentioned but also to other civilizations from different eras such as the middle ages, dark ages, industrial and modern age. I'm also more interested in Roman history, if not the mythology, now.

Haha what a boring post. I have'nt recovered by the way, seems like school stress is inhibiting it. Big Bang Theory Theme Song (Full Version), a song that is related to my post =) Don't worry if you can't catch the lyrics, I also couldn't till I saw the lyrics. I acknowledge I do not own the song. <--- Small disclaimer for safety