Saturday, 26 July 2014

Past 12

So it's really after 12 and I have to stay up cause a soldier in my unit just reported sick and has to be evacuated from our camp. Don't take it as complaining, rather a chance not missed.

A minute past 12
A quiet adventure
Through the near empty streets
A while to ponder
Music in soft steady beats

At this late and curious hour

I saunter in strange breezes
Remembering incandescence
Taking in a life's moment

Moments are in abundance
But a moment so obscure
This late and curious hour
A precious fragment.


I'll write more coherently now. (Yet I'm still using a conversational tone?)
This week has been extremely tiring. I had to skip lunch and dinner several times and have been staying up and taking shorter breaks. This probably culminated in my 12 hour nap yesterday without eating dinner.

Before reaching home and hitting the sack though, I had a little quiet adventure through what I can now safely term as 'old town'. Marine Parade or Parkway Shopping Mall is the oldest mall in Singapore. To my family, it has served an even greater role in terms of nostalgia. Since my parents moved to Amber Park before I was born, it has been the go-to location for dining and shopping, the little city in our suburb. My family has always stayed in this part of Singapore and Parkway has always been our weekend trip, that NTUC location.

Yesterday, in a very long time (all things considered), I made a solo trip through Parkway. I visited the re-opened market and old 2nd hand bookstore and was hit hard with a sense of nostalgia and calm. The entire week had been so fast paced that I was bewildered by the slow pace of the evening. Believe me when I say I have not walked this slow for a very long time. I was really happy just being alone and taking a stroll. Watching the harsh evening light seep through the openings of the market and watching the old storekeeper going about. When I saw the old man, I saw in him a fountain of wisdom that comes from old age; all his stories and life journeys, struggles and finally peace. Nevertheless, I could be over-dramatizing it.