Wednesday, 24 February 2010

See a one revelations

So CA1 is over. Ya I know right? Why didn't I tell you! No? Really? =( FINE. Anyways, it didn't seem all that important with only 4 subjects tested and with my AEP 'O' Levels and SPA. But maybe that's why I utterly screwed up all 4 subjects, chinese, english, social studies and core geography. It's been catching on for a while actually, I'm DAM SLOW. Ya I know right? YOUR KIDDING! No? Really? =( FINE, like I care you care about me... err... =( Ya so I recently 恍然大悟, in the past 3 school examinations or so, I actually DIDN'T FINISH any paper except chemistry! =O GOSH. I've only begun to take in the situation. It's not really affecting my grades but I could be doing like this >          < much better! DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY FREAKING SPACES THAT WAS? 10!!!

Aside that, lessons pretty much went on uninterrupted. Particularly brain teasing was Mr Khoo's screening of 911: Demolitions. The film attempts to uncover the conspiracy using SEQ METHOD =P lulz, well kind of. Since they state the Point, show the Evidence, Explains it and Links back to the question. What question? How the hell do I know! Well, it might have been sort of something like who actually did the 911 attacks thing. If your an avid news reader, or me, you'd know about Dr. Mahathir's recent claims that 'if the Americans can make Avatar, they can make 911' +_+ err well that wasn't really COMPELLING AND CONCLUSIVE evidence, so I thought the claims were pretty hysterical. Then again, after watching the first part of 911, I wasn't entirely convinced either cause there was a lot of THEORY and less PRACTICAL evidence, and the narrator's voice kind of sound like she's narrating "How it's made" on discovery channel or something. The music was, if anything, AMUSING. Which shouldn't be the case. But AHAH the 2nd part, yup that' the one. Hit it right in the bullseye. The pace of the it was just right to explain the evidence, the evidence was more HOLISTIC with eyewitness accounts as well, and the music was a bit more scary and tensed.

So what do I think? I think we shouldn't mull over things too much at times. Like "what's the purpose of life' kind of question. Being contemplative is all good and stuff but sometimes you forget to actually HAVE SOME FUN. Just like when I was emo in sec 1, and only thought about how my old friends were better and failed to see the good in my new friends. OK not a very good analogy I know... You agree?! FINE Point is, no need to scare yourself too much because 1. WE DON'T LIVE IN THE USA and its err how far away? Pretty far. 2. If the film's claims are true, then terrorism isn't really as bad as we thought and its KINDA SAFER to believe the American's did it. 3. Conspiracy is everywhere! Gosh, open your eyes. Even locally... err I shan't say too much but its in the news, about a Barisan Socialis retired opposition leader, go read it, quite awesome, I think it was Saturday? Sunday? Monday? Tuesday? Today has a different one at the back of the Straits Times in one of the most interesting reads in the newspaper, the forum section.

But if you really must know, I'm probably leaning towards believing conspiracy side. Though, there's one point to take note of here... You also have to QUESTION THE CONSPIRACY itself! You know, like detect flaws in it too! Just because its questioning the official story doesn't mean you shouldn't question the conspiracy claims as well. Which I was pretty pissed off one my classmate just stood up and said 'the Americans did it!' in an arrogant fashion like he is smarter than everyone else cause he 'knows the truth' after watching for like 15 minutes only. I can tell you, 'the truth is, no one knows it'. I just made that up but it sounds kinda cheem right? amirite?!? =D No? FINE. =( Nothing is absolute, nothing you know is absolute! For all you know I'm an alien brainwashing you into thinking the Americans did it when it was obviously US =O lulz. HAS YOUR BRAIN EXPLODED YET?

Veiled and Mysterious oooooh actually not really its just my new curtains. OR IS IT

Saturday, 20 February 2010

My house is bugged

No no I'm not being spyed by the government (OR AM I? =O) its just that my house has so many insects living inside! Yah kind of weird thing to say isn't it? But seriously, its not just ants, cockroaches or flies, there are grasshoppers, shoebugs, silverfish, venemoths, bees, even butterfreesflies O.o According to my mom, its cause behind our house is another one that's uninhabited...BY HUMANS. Not bugs though, no no there are plenty of them. So I suppose they decided to get a vacation by travelling across the world garden to our house and WALA. Even my bathroom has insects. (YUCKS) One time I came out of the shower and WHAT THE there's a freaking beetle of my right calf... Luckily I'm not Adrian Monk and had to take another 4 hour hot water bath. I just shot it off with a finger and sprinkled some water on my leg.

WOAH WOAH WOAH what was that? Li Keen is afraid of bugs? DUH. Gosh, you know, isn't KIND OF DISTURBING to have insects ALL OVER YOU? Unless maybe you've played AXN's fear factor a 100 times? You know when you go to hawker centers and you sort of hate going to the dirty bathrooms? Well, imagine you've got grasshoppers and beatles in your bathroom. How nice to take a shower isn't it? Of course its not as bad as an infestation, but still, its a bit frustrating that there's an abandoned house full of insects next to yours isn't it?

Anyways, I think I'll be posting a bit more on what I've been doing. Today had choir practice in the morning and Sherman Yuen was just awesome. Up till now I still regard him as some kind of GOD? Now he's in National Service...which makes him muscular, toned and bald. So in other words, he's even more GODLIKE now. Haha, of course I can't say I'm that louzy too. At least I did manage o whip some altos into shape during sectionals, which hopefully they will stay like that and not experience MUSCULAR ATROPHY. lolz.

Mr Tan says I gotta take more photos. And because Mr Tan says, I must. lolz. But since I'm sick I had to take some closer to home.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010


辣椒辣椒辣椒。从小三半年,每天休息时吃一块面加辣椒加一个'fishball',直到毕业时才停。辣椒辣椒辣椒。每当第一次去任何餐厅吃饭就请服务员上最辣的菜肴来尝一尝。辣椒辣椒辣椒。没有它,我就没有兴趣吃。辣椒辣椒辣椒。亲戚朋友,甚至陌生人都认为我疯了,吃那么多!难怪我能吃下吗?哈哈。。。你知道吗?最近有个英文报纸记者或是个'random'和爱吃辣东西的人写出他的‘辣椒经验’。他尝了许多餐厅最辣的菜肴,最后因为觉得前夕个餐厅最辣的菜肴很失望,所以决定吃'seletar airbase'的一个餐厅'level 35'的'buffalo wings'。有人说哪个是新加坡最辣的菜肴。如果能吃下,餐厅会放你的名字在他们的'wall of fame'上。那位作者不能受,报纸差不多说'The chilli burnt through my oesophagus. My family had to carry my squirming body from the toilet floor to the hospital. There was a blinding pain in my stomach the whole time in the accident & emergency department.' 吓死我。aiyo...后来我不要吃任何'level 35'的东西。。。

我也发现有些餐厅向中国人上的食物比向新加坡人上的食物还辣!特别是个菜肴叫'mala hot pot'。原来这些餐厅的管理部门小看新加坡人的才能。。。我也发现最辣的辣椒是从墨西哥来的,我一直以为最辣的辣椒是从东方来的。I'm so naive.

Technically the sundisk was also by the Romans...I think

Sunday, 14 February 2010


因为今天是农历新年第一天,我就用华文维护网志。<----(我的华文对不对?=X)  这节日真好来休息;我今天看完电视节目'glee'的第一季, 晚了两个小时的电脑游戏,看了两个小时的‘youtube’, 'geekologie', ‘onemanga' 和'explosm'。 最可惜的是我还是生病,不能跟朋友去看‘14blades'。haiya..从明天开始要做功课了。= = 甚至华文老师也给‘假期功课’。还有,新年过后,我的哥哥会上船出国到中国,印度尼西亚,泰国等等,六个星期后才回来。我在家里会感到很寂寞。怎么办?也许应该再听'glee'里面那个歌曲'you can't always get what you want, but you get what you need'。 不对吗?


'Paradox' 华文怎么说呢?

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Middle child syndrome

My younger brother is 7 years younger than me, so does that make me eligible for middle child syndrome? Anyway... to people saying I'm rich cause my father's got a BMW and I've got a pretty bigass house... Number 1, the BMW is owned by the state, the bank, not my father. Number 2, my family is considered middle income. Number 3, I have 2 siblings. I'm not complaining though, I'm just pointing out the flaws in your assumption =P. So how does number 3 relate?

Well if you take a look at China and her one child policy... You'll see that kids there are generally richer and pampered than large families. The point is, having two brothers, my parents have to split the expenses on each of us instead of concentrating on just one. Once again I reinstate I'm not complaining. In fact I think its good this way, you actually learn to be tolerant, to share and how to cut expenses. For example, I don't buy most of my stuff, my shirts and pants get passed down from my elder brother. You'll also notice the games I have aren't exactly new or legit =X. In fact the only time I spend money on gaming is when my parents ask me to pick a game for a birthday/christmas gift or a reward for doing well academically. Its called restraint. The only downside is I know very little about shopping.

My friends though, can't see that. They'd rather think I'm cheap than clever. It's true these practices are a bit miserly. However, you'll notice that the money spent on Crumplers and Ipods have been used to get a much bigger house than yours so SUCK IT BITCH lol. Yes X I know you have a rich uncle. Sharing is a big part of my life. Whenever my parents ask me to choose a game, I consult my elder brother too. I also have to exert a lot of tolerance regarding my younger brother. I have to accept the fact that I cannot deny him games that are collectively for the family and so if he just so happens to erase my 92% completion save file for Transfomers Wii, scratch and consequently spoil the Jet Set Radio Future disk or more recently, to create a profile for Bookworm which I accidently used and get a hiscore, making the nice clean list of 'lootfoots' defunc, so be it. The last one actually made me post. These things are so fucking irritating.

Of course, it also means I'm not lonely. Though I plead for solitude, I think I'd rather my brother 骚扰我, than be lonely with only technology and MSN to consule me (sounds familiar? cough Rcough Icough Fcough DcoughI). The actual problem is that the age gap is too wide. So his education, street lingo & maturity is way behind. It is this fact that I cannot relate to him as much as my elder brother, although I can't shake the fact that he probably thinks I'm annoying too haha. I've got to write this down so I can make sure my children are more evenly spaced =X.

Two posts in one day is nothing special. The picture should look familiar to Victorians.

Lessons learnt without going to school & Shows

oing to make up for not posting a lot even though I've got time.
Must really thank Jaren for indirectly convincing me to stay home and recover. Already over one month of medication without results. So I decided I'm just going to stay home till I recover. Seriously. Jaren actually already missed 1 week of school, in 1 week of sickness. That's when I 恍然大悟. What the hell am I doing? Go school for what? Am I afraid that I can't cope with the post recovery? Am I afraid I'll be left behind? All this time I thought I was doing the right thing and persistently going to school. I wanted to perservere, 持之以恒. But I can't. No matter how hard one tries, you have to look at the bigger picture. Sometimes, your just doing the right thing at the wrong time. All those animes like Naruto and Bleach (Yes X that's what I read on Onemanga) and movies like Rocky try to teach people that workhard = good results. Not true. Its much more complicated that that. Its like the show Big Bang Theory, some character tried to create a 'friendship algorithm' to make friends lol. Anyway, there a lot of factors to getting good results. I'm not saying working hard is bad, its just not the only thing you should be looking at. Some people may disagree on this, and that's fine, because you aren't suppose to believe everything I'm saying. Just like the commentaries on the newspaper, you can't agree with everything. You have to think like a conspiracist. OK I'm digressing lol.

Anyway, some of you might be wondering what I've been doing at home. No? Fine! I'll just say it in case. To the characters in the show (if they were real), they'd probably guess I've been watching Big Bang Theory because my mind was on the matter, and its more probable that you recount recent experiences. Its about a group of physicists, Leonard, Sheldon, Howard and Rajesh, that work together in a university and their lives after a failed actress,  Penny, moves in next door. The show kind of appeals to me because my character probably leans towards the nerd side, or in comparism to other people more likely. The characters, although pretty extreme, go through common problems and display traits similar to an everyday nerd. Maybe you'll understand if you watch it.

A lot of shows we like appeal to us because we can relate to the characters in them or hope that something like that happens to you. That's why most guys don't like chick flicks, because they aren't girls. That's why most guys like Transformers, because they hope some hot girl is going to stay with them even though they don't have a chance given normal circumstances. By the way, I don't like Transformers. I think the story is Cliche and the acting SUCKS (Maybe its just the louzy script). I actually agree with that John Lui guy who critics movies in the Straits Times and rated the movie 2 and a half stars. I think I would have given 2 stars at best, I think the sequel is worse. Another thing I don't like about it is because so many guys watch it! OK there's nothing wrong watching sleek cars turn into shiny big ass robots and battle to the death with so many explosions you can get a seizure while staring at the hot actress who coincedentally loves cars and nerdy guys. I'm just saying, why do they like these kind of movies compared to movies like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind or Schindler's list? Maybe cause social norms dictate that adolescent males must like pretty girls and nice cars. I'm just saying. Some of you probably have never even heard about those two movies because they rarely get advertised and don't have multi-billion dollar budgets or fancy 3-D like Avatar.

I like those shows that challenge your mind, make you contemplate, change your mindset, reflect and discuss with friends. As my secondary 1 english teacher Mr Hamilton put it, what make good stories is that they make you think! I mean horror movies make you scared and more often than not you'd rather not think about them. So I don't see the point. I mean some people may argue that the frightening is to test your bravery with friends and share common chills with your friends after the show. That's all fine. I just don't get why people my age don't LIKE historically based, trivial, brain teasing or meaningful shows. That's all. I guess people have different interests. I do like some conventional shows too, like Harry Potter and Sherlock Holmes, because their based on meaningful books and seeing helps you visualise and enjoy the read even better. I also like comedies, cause I prefer laughter to screams of fright. If you ask me what my favourite movies are, the first few that come to mind in no order of merit are: the shows mentioned earlier, Sicko, Ace Ventura (LOLS), Troy, Burma VJ (thanks Mr Khoo!), Lord of the Rings (hate Frodo though), The Last Samurai, Batman: Begins and Dark Knight (A bit hippocritic there, I apologize lols), Shaolin Soccer, most documentries, most PIXAR animation movies and Pirates of the Caribbean. I have many more that I like even more than the above, but that was just to give you a taste in what I like anyway. I hope to watch 500 Days of Summer and Inglorius Bastards, heard their great. You'll notice I like a lot of fantasy.

Anyways other than that, what I did mostly includes playing computer games or reading since they are both relaxing to me. I think I beat my hiscore at bookworm lols (3hrs with some eyebreaks 8D)
From Hebei Baoding, China. Have no idea why my buddy not e-mailing me anymore, she could help me practice my Chinese lol.

Friday, 5 February 2010


I am dam hell arrogant, I know. It shows a lot, and I really don't want to be, I just want to be noticed. Like in an earlier post I said I was an attention seeker. Obvious right? I mean I always flaunt my talents and never admit my weaknesses. But from now on I will. I thought that just by learning from your mistakes its enough. It's not. I fail to admit my mistakes out of shame, but I notice that many people do it, and their pretty decent people. They are better me. I'm just an arrogant toerag. I'm going to try and be less arrogant now.

For one thing, I shouldn't be too judgemental and judge people by their facade. I cannot judge a book by its cover. I said a lot of bad things about certain people in this blog. I hope they forgive me, I'm just arrogant and was angry at the time. Of course I will humble myself a little and say they were mean to me, but I will be forgiving even if it is not just. Somethings I've said are right, some are wrong, I hope its the latter. I really wish everyone around me grow up to more matured than how their acting now. Even if they are conscious about their behavior, they need to act out and show me they have changed. I realize now that they suan me because I'm arrogant.

For another thing, I need to admit my mistakes and 不耻下问. Not that I'm saying my friends are my subbordinates as the idiom describes. I'm just saying I need to be humble enough to ask even people whom I presume do less well academically. Ask them things like how to play the drums or about headphone models.

Surprised that blogger has helvetica.