Wednesday, 31 December 2014

50 years a city-state

10 minutes to the new year, an otherwise meaningless day beside the calender change. (I mean, at least CNY marks the start of Spring, no?) The last year... well if it weren't for the TV running at full volume and my parents watching the SG50 concert, I'd probably be more sentimental I can tell you that. I've ORD-ed, I'm going to study, and there's so much more I have to do now.

Just finished Dune, a book my officer friend Joshua lent me and then left for Japan/HK for a good few months. Epic stuff, a lord of the rings in space and in the desert.

#90 Last Airbender, Legend of Korra series
I just finished watching the finale recently. Probably my favourite cartoon/anime/something-in-between of all time. (Samurai Jack might have been first if they bothered to end...) Really sad it's ended and it doesn't look like another one's coming any time soon (if ever). Just realized that out of most audiences, I'd say Chinese Singaporeans would be the most appreciative of the series, being english-speaking yet able to understand all the eastern influences in the show (example being the two waterbending fish spirits Tui and La, which by the way means push and pull in Chinese). People like Aang a lot and seem to think Korra is good but a little worse. For me, both are really awesome to a point that I wouldn't compare them anyway. The characters, bending, maturity of both series are great, especially if you treat each series as uniquely targeting separate audiences (the latter for those more in their teen years, as are the characters. Reminds you of Harry Potter, no?).

Friday, 5 December 2014


#91 Primary School Friends
The simplest, and rawest. They never truly left. A sober optimism, we all lead our own lives but come back anyway, for a couple of drinks or lunch. No drama. It's pure, lovely nostalgia.

Monday, 1 December 2014

There are geniuses

Like Hawkins and Fitzgerald.

A tumblr seems to suit me more having these ephemeral thoughts, but the inertia of leaving. (As if anyone realllyyy reads [and if they do, they would find the new link here would they not?])

I saw a pretty girl and wasn't sure
Left in a rush but wasn't sure
Knew it wasn't my head talking
But I wasn't sure

What if? I wasn't sure.

God damned hormones.

#92 Photography