Wednesday, 7 January 2015


I remember a scene vividly when I was P4.

I was staring out my bedroom window and thinking to myself, I'm such a lazy person.
Suddenly I thought, but what if I'm not?
It's a curious thing about the malleability of a child's mind. From then on, I pretty much did all my work soundlessly and my parents bothered me the least from there (also I had a younger brother and middle child syndrome :<).

Now every time I think about applying for scholarships I get this mental block. I've tried to think about it and as I get over it, I learned the nature of it could perhaps be from:

1. You keep thinking you'll fail -> so you'll never do it out of fear.
2. You keep thinking you have time -> so you'll never do it out of lack of fear.

Jeez, what a contradiction. I'll always do it in the end. O how I dislike uni/scholarship applications.