Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Wandering Wood Final

Then, amazingly clear light breached the thick forest wall of bark - a clearing. And as the traveller approached, his heart raced a natural wonderful excitement. He walked along nearer and nearer... and the undergrowth grew thinner, and the sunlight shown stronger, and the gem on his neck glowed. His obsessive focus on his goal had muffled the background sounds, and now sounds of life pervaded the forest, growing louder as if to cheer him on. 

The traveller blinked and gasped and fell to his knees, a most wonderous sight to be hold. He was standing atop a cliff full of daisies and a vast landscape opened before him. All around him, in the valley below, was more of the magnificent and magical forest. The feeling was momentous, an ending he never sought; a dream-like expense.

And as he slowly took it in and peered around, he caught sight of her sitting idly - on the cliff's edge - and with her slender arms planted behind her, leaning backwards. She had unkempt auburn hair flung down her sides and back, just below her shoulders. She was waiting patiently. The traveller slowly walked over as she turned around at the sound of the traveller's steps.

She smiled and asked 'what took you?' 
'I was in a hurry.' he replied.

The End

What is this life if full of care, we have no time to stand and stare?
-W.H Davies, 'Leisure'

Urgh. Well I sort of lost steam on the way in an effort to finish. :/ Not sure if you can tell.
It was a pretty bad day today. But they are to be expected.

Saturday, 27 October 2012

The loss of empathy

There's a speech  by Dr. Richard Teo making rounds on facebook. My reaction to it, after reading it, is not inspiration, but a frown.

I'm strange. I'm different. I know it.

I don't disagree with the speech, in fact I say well done to him. But maybe it's because I'm not considering a medical profession, but I don't have this urge to 'share' it.

Firstly I'm skeptical about what that might achieve in the first place.
What is the purpose of sharing something with a profound message? Perhaps it is three fold; one is to show that you agree with it (maybe to see who else is like-minded as well), two, to 'spread' the message and 'convince' others that it is a good philosophy, and three, to give other people a chance to be 'inspired' by it, as you have. 

To the first, I feel no urgent need to tell people who I am, why should I? I know that its natural, but I don't see the point. In fact, this is the kind of attitude that we've been told not to adopt. The one that seeks approval, seeks recognition, to be extreme. Considering the second, I do not think it'll be of any use. I don't regard my friends as ignorant, I believe that most youth today, and especially my friends, will already know this. Will already know that wealth doesn't bring happiness. (and for the medical part, we need to empathize with patients) And I feel it a little annoying that people have to remind you all the time about things that you know. And all this is compounded by the third purpose. And I think this is where I would diverge from most. 

I don't find it impressive.

You heard me right. I'm the kind of cold-hearted bastard who judges speeches and their clichés. Or at least the kind society makes of. I'm just not, 'inspired' by it. I've heard of this kinds of stories before, the kind where the threat of death invokes great introspection and revelation. In fact I got bored of reading it towards the end.

Don't get me wrong. I re-iterate that I agree with him, and he is a great guy. (after realizing he had cancer, I might add) It's just that well, shouldn't people already know this? Doesn't it frighten you that people have to be stricken by horrible ill before they think about their lives? I don't believe any of my friends need reminding of this, nor reminding that I adhere to it.

I've always knew that I could die, I could get cancer, I could lose someone. Anytime. All the time. It is life.

But I also know this - that in the great cosmos, we are but a speck of dust. I'm not a nihilist, I believe we should all try to forward ourselves and humanity. Make a contribution. And actually, I don't believe in 'achieving happiness' as a philosophy. I just don't think it can be achieved. It can only be realized.

Happiness to me, is a state of mind. It is being contented, regardless the circumstance. It is being exceptionally and weirdly optimistic and humorous all the time. It is the person who is suddenly shipwrecked on an uninhabited island in the middle of the Pacific, and says to himself 'well there goes my wedding anniversary plans' and chuckles to himself. It's not pathetic, it's profoundly courageous. It's not letting circumstance destroy you.

So in that big affairs state of mind, perhaps I have numbed a little to the smaller things. The melodrama, the 'struggles' as many say, the Coldplay.

I respect Dr Richard Teo, and I only wish people wouldn't need such stories from other people's lives, or their own, to realize all these virtues that have been repeatedly drilled into us by teachers and family members. 

The whole thing. My gosh. Manly tears.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Running for my life (and stretching too)

Well NS enlistment came earlier than expected, and comes earlier than expected. But challenge accepted.

It'll clash with both my internship and my family holiday if I don't make it.

Failed sit-and-reach the first time, 2.4 the second. Dang. But we must always try.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Short Story pt4

It's important to have an artistic outlet.

The traveller unveiled his cloak, ready to meet this strange figure in the forest. He too was walking briskly but  was dressed in emerald robes, which were much worn. His wore an expression as battered as his clothing, but with a sense of purpose. Astonished was the traveller, at his remarkable likeness.

Closer he came, but the traveller soon realized he was looking beyond him. His eyes were focused on something so much further that it seemed unfocused up close. The traveller held up his hand to gesture attention, but on he went, unflinching. As he passed the traveller, a mutter was heard 'no time, no time.'

At this the traveller realized his mistake. His ambition was a chore, and his manner anxious. His mood was sour and his feet in a hurry. The traveller decided to sit down. He inhaled the fresh air deeply, and the gem on his neck glowed faintly. He decided this forest was more than an obstacle.

Then he set off again, this time at a more leisurely pace, and stopping to see some strange new species unique to wandering wood. For a long time he went on, but could care less what the time was. He noticed a flower patch in a small clearing where the canopy loosened and light shone on the forest floor. He picked the flowers and wandered when he would finally meet her again... but no rush, no rush. He knew that was what she wanted to travel into these beautiful woods.

End of part 4

I reiterate that the music has nothing to do with the story but its good music regardless.

Saturday, 13 October 2012


The end of our formal education.

What to feel?
When to feel?
Why feel?

Simple human questions that I suddenly have to ask myself again.

Call it desensitization or whatever, but overtime it's been apparent that I no longer have to state 'emotional' as a weakness. But I don't know, it just doesn't have to be so dramatic ya know? Life, I mean. Not that you shouldn't let yourself feel happy or even sad. Just not to the point of drama. Simple emotions I mean. And no, you don't HAVE to feel sad about leaving, or being alone. It's a choice most of the time, with a little nudge from hormones here and there. Happiness shouldn't be pursued, it should be realized.

Nowadays I feel most when I listen to music. The emo kind. But even then, not the over-dramatic stuff. It weirds me out sometimes to listen to those. It feels artificial to me sometimes. We can be, we are a lot stronger than most of us want to believe, humility aside.
6E is different from 4D. (Barring the obvious differences like gender ratios and alphabets/numbers) But I love them both and I'll miss them both.

Saving the goodbyes for Grad Night.

Yes I know I haven't posted my whole short story. Though I wonder if you find it interesting even. 

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Chuckle when you're sad.

I love humour that transcends the dramas of left. Or literally destroys it by revealing it's nature built upon perceptions.

From buttersafe.com

A Better Place

Thursday, 4 October 2012

The story of the traveller in wandering wood pt 3

The traveller jolted up, awakened by the cold drizzle. He quickly sought cover but was far from any. So instead he clung desperately to a nearby oak that hosted an odd fern; its large leaves providing shallow cover.

The traveller shivered intensely and fell into a curl. He kept his numbed hands close to his chest, all the while clutching tightly to stray pieces of cloak, lest the wind penetrate his drenched apparel. But he needn't have, as they were heavy and damp.

The traveller recalled days at the market, hearing groans and screams as it started to rain heavily. The inexperienced vendors clamoured for flying pieces of silk and wool, worth half their savings. The rain in wandering wood however, was very different. There were no groans and screams, only the pitter and patter of droplets on grateful leaves, the soft symphony of wood creaking and forest litter stirring. And the strong scent of rain that was so familiar but rarely noticed. The traveller shivered again and re-focused his attention on his goal.

The rain stopped and at once the traveller set out in a hopeful general direction. It was well past mid-day when he saw a figure in the distance, and to his great excitement it did not hop or trot or scurry, but walked on two feet as he. Energised and relieved at the same time the traveller jogged over to the figure slowly, only to be awash with great disappointment once more.

End of part 3

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Short Story pt 2

*Edit: I removed one part which I felt didn't fit and left a less than perfect abrupt jump in the story, too lazy, not being paid.*

The story of the traveller in wandering wood (part 2)

The traveller nodded and without pause, he carried on into the yellow tundra, and the day crawled with him.

Light bathed the forest floors through the crevices in the forest canopy and the traveller was but mere to the towering oaks and pines. But the woods could sense his presence. They (It) did so for all who scurried, for the busy little creatures which disturbed and did not stop to smell the oak and rosemary. The traveller was indifferent to his own indifference however.

And to no avail was his journey, and for naught were his plans. As the moon waxed his footsteps waned, till he stopped and put on a fire for the night. He sat there, staring into its sparks and cinders, twiddling the gem on his neck...

Dancing around daisies... and bowing to smell the prettier ones. The sun shone warmly while a breeze swayed him to a tiptoe. He glimpsed a figure coming towards him frolicking around the field lightly. All of a sudden, it became bitter cold, and the sun disappeared.

Part 2 end

Should be in 5 parts.

In the meantime, a chill song.