Friday, 23 March 2012

The things I would have posted on facebook

Sometimes in life, we are inspired.
By the beauty of nature, by the complexities of life, by the adversity of will. We are inspired.

"Pessimists need to be more optimistic, optimists need to read more"
Alt: "Pessimists..., optimists need to be more realistic"
"Someone likened Florence and the Machine to Lady Gaga, I likened his face to a punching bag"
"*In class* GP tutor: "... cause there are still seemingly viable non-democratic states such as China" Classmate: "HUH since when was China not democratic??" Me: *Jumps off building* "HUH? US LOST THE VIETNAM WAR?" Me: *Comes back from the dead, jumps off again*


I think I like the Arts so much cause I'm in science. God dammit I'm a generic hipster. *drowns in the mainstream* I swear if I was taking Arts I would be reading science shit.

Friday, 9 March 2012


I set the new club members an assignment that involved taking an egg in different ways. Decided that I should also do it with them but what a waste if I just throw away the album and never share it with anyone else except the club! On a side note... should I put more of my photos on facebook?

Saturday, 3 March 2012


Every person on that train you're on, every student sitting in that lecture hall, the lecturers, the cleaners, the hawkers and the ministers, all have a story. Did you look at them with nondescript eyes? Did you see the struggle in their eyes? The humanity in their soul?


Watched the Dramafest full dress rehearsals a few days ago.
Let me be honest (knowing full well I'll be judged!) that I am a little disappointed and envious of all the actors up there. I wonder if it made a difference if I tried for dramafest or not, and the fact that I was shortlisted. We always think of the what ifs, and I find it so much more so in JC


Wrote a few angsty days ago.

Demons Inside Me
Let not the water boil.
But wash over into a spring
Let no one watch the knives in my eyes,
But blunt in the sea breeze
Let it be and let me be
Don't follow when I walk into the abyss
Stop short... Stay where you are. 
Don't come any closer.


In the darkroom. They say councilors do a lot of work. Well at least they do it together. Its lonely in the darkroom, and the lights are flickering. Better call estate.


I actually heard this 5 years ago on MTV but only once... you know those kind of songs.
Just keep waiting...