Saturday, 19 January 2008

Common Wealth Essay

This is my entry for the commonwealth essay that I have to do for English lesson, I chose topic number five.

One day, I was bullied again by my classmates. At that point, I really wished I could not feel pain, both emotionally and physically. I went home to lay on my bed and ponder deeply about my situation. I suddenly imagined what would happened if I had no sense of touch, would I feel pain? No, what if I could not smell that disgusting odour from their shirts? Or taste the toilet floor the bullies made me do? What if I need not hear the horrible screeching sounds and mirthless laughter that hurt me so badly? What if I only had my sense of sight to see their white faces of shock when they were unable to bully me? I would only laugh at them, revenge would be sweet...
I awoke with a start the next morning, I felt extremely strange. I looked around at the clock and realised I was almost late for school! Why did my alarm clock not wake me up? I changed quickly but I still felt strange, like I was naked. I went down for breakfast but was disgusted by the tasteless breakfast. It was also unusually silent; what was going on? I walked to school as usual but this time it felt like I was levitating, or not feeling at all. As I thought about what was going on, I came to realize what I was thinking about last night, could it be?
As class started, several people tried to get my attention but I could not feel their tapping to talking, perfect. The teacher and we stood up to greet her, but no sound came from the opened mouths, perfect. It was science lesson and the teacher had brought with her some chemicals. As she took them out, the class started to clasp their noses but I could not smell anything, perfect. After the teachers endless opening and closing of her mouth, the class got up so I did too, we greeted her goodbye but from all this, silence was all I could hear, pefect. As we all ran down to the canteen, I kept tripping on the stairs for no reason, I still could not feel pain, perfect.
When I reached the canteen, the school bully came to me for his routine bullying, perfect. He opened his mouth and closed his mouth without saying a thing, perfect. He was carrying a bottle full of yellow liquid, I was all too familiar with it, yet this time I could nto smell it, perfect. He opened his mouth again and pointed at the bottle and then pointed at me. He came closer, opened the bottle cap and poured it onto me. But as I saw the liquid fall down my cheeks, I felt nothing, no pain. The bully was laughing now, but he soon stopped, looking at my sharp grin on my face. I used all my strength and punched at his stomach.
Crowds started to gather at the scene, he punched me and although I spat blood, I could not feel pain. I swung my fist at him and he pounced onto me. Suddenly, he turned his head so I did too. It was Mr Chia, our disciplinary master. He looked outraged and quickly pulled us out of the crowd. Although I could not feel his grip, I knew I was in big trouble. Something more then physical pain filled my brain and I was soon drowning in guilt.
I had been to Mr. Chia's office before so many times but for totally different reasons. As we stepped inside, the bully shot a face full of fury at me, I felt even worse. Mr Chia sat down and opened his mouth. When he finally closed it, the bully waved his hands and pointed at me while opening his mouth very wide. He shot another glare at me and with cold fury took one of Mr. Chia's pencils and stabbed my eyes. It was like endless void, a black hole, a vortex of nothingness. Nothing, nothing I could feel, see, smell, hear or taste. Speechless, my body did not feel, it was numb to the core.
I awoke with a start, feeling normal and feeling the sweat trickling down my cheeks, perfect.

Something I like to do (CA1)

Today, I did something I like to do alone. Although it is often unsual for me to do things alone as I prefer to do everything with the company of friends, creating my own game is the one thing I always do alone. Creating games is a weird hobby in my opinion even though I do it, as most people like to cycle or collect stamps for their hobby. When I have an inspiration for a game, whether it is a computer game, card game or a game where I use the things around me, I first pace the floor and try to develop the idea to make it better. Most of the time I never finish my games or when I do its not a big success, but it lets me think alot and do somthing fun to pass the time.
This time I thought I would create a game that I could play with someone in my house so I do not have to invite friends over. I thought of my younger brother who likes Transformers, a movie, and decided to make a simple card game for him. I will have to take some pictures from the internet and credit the user who uploaded them. Then I must use a CCG program I downloaded from the internet and create simple cards for him to play. I have not thought of the basic rules for the game but I have generally set up the overall objective of the game, which is to destroy your oppenent's "life force". This project will take a long time so I have to finish all my projects from school first before I can start it.

Thursday, 17 January 2008

The great Project Pile Up (CA1)

A lot of things have changed from secondary one to secondary two, one of them is the increased amount of projects we have to do. Right now, I have four projects to worry about from the various subjects.I have a Mathematics, a Literature, a Art and a History project to finish with my team. I have to calculate the diameter for the school crest outside the auditorium for Mathematics, do a write-up and media presentation of a poem for Literature, design a series of posters using different graphical mediums for art and study the history and urban lifestyle of Katong for History. This has put alot of stress on me, not forgetting that I still have a ton of homework to do.
Today, I had to go for another long choir practice but this time, the new secondary one pupils were joining us. It was a generally fun practice, but most of the secondary ones were not disciplined and playful. One of them even tried to go inside the restricted storeroom without the committee's permission! This made me think about what I was like last year and was I at all like those secondary ones?

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Yesterday and Tommorow (CA1)

Yesterday was a long day for me, we had five subjects in one day and I had to bring many heavy books to school. I should have bought a locker like in Primary School and I regret not doing so now. I now have to bring an extra hand carry bag every Tuesday as the many books cannot fit into my bag. In fact, I can not even carry it if I could fit everything inside. I was so tired yesterday I fell asleep almost immediately after I reached home.

Tommorow will be another long and exhausting day for me as I have both choir and PE lesson tommorow. I have always thought Thursday as something of an unlucky day for me, ever since Primary School. I always had my least favourite lessons that day from Primary 1 to 6. In addition to that, I had to go for Chinese Tuition on that day from from P4 to P6. Now I have to spend long hours singing songs over and over again for choir on Thursdays, but choir was not always this boring and exhausting.

When I was in secondary one, my seniors were always very funny and kind, making choir practices fun and enjoyable. But now the secondary fours have left and a strict badge of seniors have taken over. Although Choir is giving me a huge headache these days but I am still proud to be a part of it. I have recently uploaded a photo of the choir at the bottom of the blog for your viewing pleasure, so enjoy!

Thursday, 10 January 2008

New teachers of the year

The stress of secondary 2 is already weighing on me as more and more homework piles up onto me. However, I find the most difficult challenge is getting to know your new teachers. Although a few teachers from last year are continuing to teach us, most of them are new teachers that I think I will take some time to know and respect.
The new teachers are Mr. Daryl Tan, who is my new history teacher, Ms Jennifer Koh, my new literature teacher, Ms Neo, my english teacher and my maths teacher Ms Norreny, forgive me if I mispelled her name. More new teachers will teach us later in the year as we are only studying Geography, Chemistry and Biology in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th term.
I think Mr. Tan is an overall strict teacher, maybe its because he was from the Singapore Police Force, or maybe because he tends to have mood swings. One moment he scolds you for accidentally dropping your pen, the next he is telling a joke about Indiana Jones.
I think Ms Koh is a unique teacher who heavily emphasizes on group work, making us pull our tables and chairs together to form a group. However, I do not think she has shown her true colors as a literature teacher.
I think Ms Neo is a somewhat naggy teacher. I find that she underestimates our knowledge of technology too much and gives us slow and detailed instructions before we even start work, but I think this is only because its her job as a teacher to make sure the class knows what their doing.
I think Ms Norreny is a very generous teacher, she gives a lot of fair chances to us. However, this can be both good and bad. I feel that if she keeps this up too long, the class will take advantage of her kindness by not handing homework on time.
All the new teachers have both a good side and a bad side, thus giving a well balanced and enriching learning experience.

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

My experience in creating a blog

This is not really my first time creating a blog so I am already quite experienced, thus there is not much to say here. However, this is my first time creating a blog using proper English, this is a real challenge for me as I often type in slang on the computer.
I do not wish to be rude to Ms Neo, my English teacher, but it really is an insult to me that she gives us instructions on how to create a blog as if we are new to it and inexperienced bloggers. I also have to disagree to her instructions on using proper English in a formal way. Although I am clearly following her instructions, I would have to say the writer has the most rights in choosing his or her style of writing. However, as this is a school assignment, I have to agree that writing in proper English will not only improve my English grade, it will also allow the reader to clearly understand me. This is all I have to say so I shall say goodbye for now.