Saturday, 14 September 2013


The truth is in view
The perspective of our world's hue
Our state of mind holds the choice
to what we see as true
our mood dictates
and our emotions inflate
but that's an opinion too,
perhaps we control the way we think
we can choose optimism in a blink
Don't let the blues get you.

Sitting Alone
Sitting alone
in quiet, contemplate
A common sight if only you'd behold,
the behind his shared humanity

For each of us has thought
on a beach on a bench
or just at home.
In a park or on a ledge
All alone.

In it's mysterious power solitude
has ways of letting us know
who we are and how we feel.

What I can't say but have to
Whatever I say
I hide inside
my true intentions
not malice of deceit
just confusion
How do I separate
animal and instinct
from soul and feelings?