Saturday, 29 January 2011


People around me are all longing for VS life again. Why aren't I? Am I not a true Victorian? Am I disloyal? Argh.

Once upon I time. I hated change. Any change is bad. I must always eat the same food. Same routine everyday. Always on time. Life was simple. And I liked the simple life. I cried when I left Ngee Ann.
I was afraid of doing things I've never done before.

Something changed though. And I didn't cringe at the thought. My personality changed.

I started to enjoy change. I liked the challenge of being the first to try with no regrets. The excitement of seeing new things everyday, of trying new dishes, making new friends, exploring new environments.

I like this line from Ratatouille. Paraphrased, it:

"Its not that you can't change the nature of things, in fact, change is nature."

Yeah. Things are always changing. I changed. Maybe it was because I read this brilliant book 'Who moved my cheese.' and it sort of inspired me to do greater things in life.

So, I've changed, and everything has changed anyway.

I've become an adapter.

I decided not to choose things. But choose my decisions based on things.

I just hope that, with time, I will become as close to my Rafflesian friends as I have with 4D which is undoubtedly the best class I've had xD. Be it teachers or classmates. Woah. Starting to sound like RI's motto, Auspicium Melioris Aevi., hope for a better age

OK, I'm out of time, going out with my OG now xD see you!


My favourite song. Of all time actually. Hope I'm not repeating songs, I tend to do that

Friday, 28 January 2011

Raffle's Institution

OK. I kind of lost the piece of paper where I listed my top ten annoyances when I moved house. I'm lazy to find it, but I'll let you know what infuriates me the most.

Top Annoyance

Just like how people who've never even been to Raffle's, EVEN walk on the school grounds or nearby and start talking about how he knows this friend, and that friend, and his friend knows a friend that tells him they're all elitist and unfriendly to 'outsiders'.

Even if they are true, you can't know for sure. And you shouldn't go around saying it like its a fact. I really, really hate these kind of rumour spreaders.

What about inferring?
Inferring, firstly, is based on evidence and facts that you've seen. Examples and case studies. It is hence not what I'm truly talking about, which is utter belief in one's words without evidence to some extent.
Secondly, inferring is not completely factual, and never claims to be. It is a skill used to sieve and compare.


So yeah. RI people are truly great. And like I've been rebutting everyone who try and preach to me about their school, they are people just like us. Really. The difference is they're more matured. They can talk about current affairs. They are intellectual. They care about their well-being and others. They can talk to you heart-to-heart as equals and not be shy about it. They play hard too and have lots of fun.

Honestly, I can't tell all that from one day of orientation for sure. But from what I've seen, its definitely not the kind of 'elitist, alienation' people keep claiming they're like. Even my mum told me to be careful. She likes to scare her children.

My only wish is that people would stop assuming things without evidence, even one or two small examples should not be allowed to stain an entire school. Don't just believe one source and disregard further ones, or stop thinking logically because you think you know the answer.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Hit too many times?

My younger brother is fucking stupid.

I've always been very unforgiving, a little elitist even, but I care for my younger brother.

So someone answer me, have I hit him on the head too many times?

He's doing much poorer than me and my brother in school. He lacks any amount of discipline. He's pampered to the core. And he is fucking stupid.

Its not that he's retarded. He just never uses his damn brains. Seriously.

Every piece of homework he can't do alone.
Every game he plays I need to help him.
He didn't know which was left and which was right for about 5 minutes once.

How can I tolerate him when the world won't? Success lies a lot on academia you know. And if he can't freaking use his brains for anything...

Is he just lazy? Maybe. But whatever the case, I am seriously seriously worried for him.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011


The more fun you have, the more powerful the hangover.

Its not drinking or narcotics, its the realization of mortality and short-lived fun.

Tomorrow, results. Day after that, school.

I've had this sort of post before.

That feeling of everybody growing up, changing, environment, lives.

On a quiet night like this, my heart wrenches the most.

This has been the worse I felt throughout the holiday.

The Hangover of all the fun I've had.

But I guess.
School can be fun, it has always been for me. In some ways, I'm just fearful of my results, and my appealing... I... I don't want to lose any friends, but we have to let go and move on with our own lives.

Thank you 4D. From 10.30pm to 2am, it summarized the bond we share as a class, a bond that, to be honest, never ever came close to becoming real in 2D, and maybe even what this blog is about. Having my own fun. But not just that, sharing it with the world.

Friday, 21 January 2011

More pictures so Marcus won't whine forever

Yeah so these past few days at home have been slow. No computer. Just photoshopping a bit, playing pokemon a lot. Lucky I responded to my broken comp immediately by inviting friends out and stuff. Was really fun yesterday and the day before. Badminton, Table Tennis, Pool x 2, Halo: ODST, Warcraft, with my friends at his house, at Marine Parade, Marine Parade CC, etc etc. Notice most of the sports mostly only involve one arm. Not saying its pain, just saying it kind of makes me worried my one arm has a lot of strength while the other is absolutely useless.

So here are more photos from Switzerland. It was really ultra frustrating photoshopping them because I have no freaking table yet. So actually I'm typing this on a chair. Yup. Soooo ENJOY MY LAZINESS AND FRUSTRATION.

 Yes, indeed. The early alpine settlers did play baseball. They were called the Alpine Club.

 Hoping to buy a ferrari? No no, what you want is this new 400 horsepower mini-train. It runs on electricity, so its clean, and is less hindered by snow than a ferrari. Bidding starts at 1 million Francs.

Did you know? There are ACTUALLY places that still have clean rivers and untampered snowy forests. I'm serious.

FYI I still have about 1000 photos to go through lol

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Pictures upon request

OK I've configured the blog slightly, now the new front main blog picture will be at the top, while the last one will be at the bottom, in case you missed it.

Switzerland's signature mountain, the Matterhorn is seen in the background. It is the mountain of which inspired Toblerone Chocolate is inspired from, I'm serious. Its swiss. As you can see, the weather was sub-zero.

Monday, 17 January 2011

Coffee + Boredm = POKEMON?

OK I drank a can of coffee and suddenly went super high and decided to make my own Pokemon (Copyrighted) equipped with a name, base stats, evolution, ability, description, drawing and level move pool!! WTF. However, ran out of coffee and too lazy to color haha.


Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN POKEMON IN ANY WAY (It belongs to Nintendo)
Yeah so here's the Pokemon. I grayscaled it (them) to make it easier to upload.
A Water/Psychic type named Sardinee (Sardine + Henry Houdinee)

Here's the evolution!
You need to trade Sardinee holding a metal coat! (Wow I can't believe I was that high with coffee.
Swordine (Sword Fish + Sardine) is a water/steel type that is so freaking inba I want him in the real game.

Notice  I made sure it had a link with the basic pokemon by making his 'sword' part of the star of the first pokemon? =D
Sardine: http://www.2coolfishing.com/ttmbforum/showthread.php?t=234344
Swordfish: http://www.dragoart.com/tuts/1003/1/1/how-to-draw-a-swordfish.htm

Holy shit. Somebody please stab me before I make another Pokemon post.

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Damn wet surfaces! Top ten annoyances Part 1

No I didn't fall just now, but I felt I was going to, ALL THE TIME.

This post is all about what annoys me or even infuriates me! (Warning: Vulgarities are naturally apparent)
ARGHHHHHH Let's have a top ten list starting with...

"Your smart, your amazing, your pretty,etc,etc"
Seriously. No freaking originality whatsoever. OK I get it, you can't find any other words to describe that smart, amazing and pretty girl. Well guess what, I'm also annoyed that the movie must have a girl that's smart, amazing and pretty! YEAH. Have you thought about it? The words are nothing compared to the fact that the lover cannot be maybe, I don't know, maybe an IQ that's below average? Or even maybe a racist? Come on, why do you think Forrest Gump and Ugly Betty is getting so much praise and ratings? Because the freaking character is not so great.

Oh my! How awful that your parents never bought you an Xbox for your birthday. Oh my! How terrible that the cashier gave you medium fries when you asked for large. IT JUST SHOWS HOW FREAKING PATHETIC AND PAMPERED YOU ARE, BITCH.
Seriously, get over it. Move on. You can be sad for a while, its natural, its understandable. I GET IT OK? YOUR SPARKLING BOYFRIEND EDWARD LEFT YOU.
When are you ever going to learn that going for near suicide stunts isn't going to bring him back? When are you going to stop moping and actually get some ACTUAL fans KRISTEN STEWART?
This is more of a I hate pampered kids (though i am one kind of =P dam hypocrite me)

OK I don't have solid examples of this, basically because it affects nearly every aspect of a person. You know why I love my class so much? (I don't just mean 4D here, I'm even talking about 6/1 in Ngee Ann) Because everyone there has the decency to think maturely. Because they don't just spam sick and racist jokes for the sake of it. Because every piece of work, every presentation has depth. Superficial things like appearance and 'being cool' don't matter as much, because they are not important.

Example 1
*Can't continue due to overload of vulgarities*
Example 2
*Picks up spoon*
*Fly lands on food*
*Lowers spoon to brush fly off*
*Fly flies off*
REPEAT x 1000000000

I think this phobia all started ever since I ran and slip and fell in the rain one fine day during choir. I didn't get hurt, physically. But mentally, I guess I was scarred for life. Once bitten twice shy.
Normally this phobia should wear off after habituation of walking in the rain.
Even this evening when I went to buy food for my family,  I slipped momentarily but didn't lose balance.
Adrenalin pumping in, and from then on you walk so cautiously you scare yourself.
And every cautious step you make gets smaller and smaller, so small you actually cause more risk of slipping, hence making you live in constant fear FOREVER.

It's getting late and I need my rest, (actually I'm just a lazy person) so I'll continue next time. Ciao!


Yes. Yes I am. For those of you who don't know, people on tumblr spoof certain quotes, phrases and songs with a picture of a queer French Artist named Joseph Ducruex for fun using very impressive but unnecessary vocabulary. The point is to A. Figure out what they are actually spoofing, a.k.a the original line/song and B. Laugh your err.... Glutinous Maximus off. Yeah I know, so cliche right? Do you hate me now? See what I mean by annoying?

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Internet Frustrations

My internet has never been good.

Once, my HC friend X came over and played some warcraft with me. Then, I started to lag a bit and complained out loud about how screwed my internet has always been.
"No lar, where got so louzy?"
In disbelief, he went to a internet speed checking website.

OK Marcus, I know your internet sucks more haha. (Evidence being your constant single playing and most online ventures involving mere blogging (which you adequately whine about how long your inba digital illustrations take to load) and Runescape, the fail-safe of any screwy internet gamer)

Anyways, I just wanted to vent my frustrations after constant Modem changing, wireless router settings, 2 hour sessions every month of DYI short-term fixing, the blood (not really), sweat (moderate amounts followed by a short shower), and tears (in my head). Also included are dust, vulgarities and more dust.

Right now, my server seems to be dropping every 10 seconds or so, meaning any photo that takes longer than that to upload fails, same going for long posts or slower servers like tumblr sometimes. Can't even comment on Hendrik's blog!


The crappy quality (not really bah) photo change on my blog from the awesome cloud formation to the cute and very smart toy idea from IKEA, though I doubt they actually meant it to be a fish ball, cause they had a cat version too.

From a deviant artist! Love the facial expressions xD

Wednesday, 12 January 2011


OK So virtually everyone posted their results. Here's mine.

L1R5: 6
Number of As: 8A1s, 1A2
Further description
Art - A2
Biology - A1
Chemistry - A1
Chinese - B3
Core Geography - A1
English - A1
History Elective - A1
Mathematics - A1
Additional Mathematics - A1
Physics - A1

Hoping to enter: Raffles Institution Science Stream

I am absolutely stunned.
Seriously. First and foremost: WTFHAXORBBQSAUCE CORE GEOG A1?????!?!?!
Yeah. Since sec 3, my average core geog score has been C5.

Secondly: ART A2??? T_T .... Imagine every weekend going to one of approximately 11 bridges downtown Singapore for four hours in the morning or afternoon.
Now imagine that you have to do it at night also.
Now Imagine working endless hours staring at a MacBook Pro and dragging stuff here and there.
Now imagine you have to restart the whole thing again due to teachers' suggested improvements.

And if you don't know already, my monitor is the TOP MALAY PUPIL IN SINGAPORE with 9A1s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GO 4D MSG 7.7!

Every time I see people disappointed, depressed over their results, I really don't know what to say. Cause
1: I literally am not good at cheering people up
2: They might lash back at me and talk about how wonderful my score is.

I know my score is good! But come on, I'm like some weakass sickly guy who fail NAPFA test. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. So stop attacking me OK?

Sunday, 9 January 2011


Having mixed feelings right now.

Of course, there's worry. There's also anxiousness, anxiety, anticipation, dread, etc etc.

But there's some calm. There's some nostalgia.

I'm looking back now. I'm looking back not just at VS, but my life so far. It's been pleasant to put it nicely.
Great friends, great teachers, great family, whatever you'd come to expect from a middle class family in sunny Singapore.

Things have to change, and they're going to change tomorrow. It was nice having Henry over today. It was, pleasant. It sort of marked what I love, the company of a friend or two over, for ever since they started coming in primary four. We played a whole lot of DOTA AI.

Its calming you know? To do what you love and not care so much about anything else.

I feel very sad right now, just plain sad. Because the holidays are ending, and to think of it in a wider perspective, it feels like the end of my joyful childhood and early teens period. Growing up...

I don't want to be as superficial as just worrying how many A1s I got. Tomorrow is more than that, it really marks the end of a very long journey, not through VS, but through NAPS (Ngee Ann Primary School) too, because I'm really close to that school and my friends from there.

Most people don't talk about the Primary School and all that, I wonder why. My class was very mature and smart.

And when my Maple or RS songs play, I just feel very very nostalgic and forlorn. Times gone by and all. I really miss those times. Really really miss them...

The girl who draws these comics is amazing!
Still haven't posted and Swiss pics... I'm so sorry, its just, the holiday is ending ya know.

Friday, 7 January 2011

Campaign message to chew on: OK to eat alone

The Straits Times Friday, Janurary 7 2011 Page A16


What I'm trying to say almost to the letter.

[The event] is not about promoting isolation, but raising awareness that it is OK to eat alone. Otherwise it would have been an 'I love to eat alone' rather than 'I dare to eat alone' campaign"

Guys, I know you are trying to be sympathetic to me because I'd rather eat alone than eat at Fast Food. But don't be. I'm not depressed or lonely or anything.

I love company! But don't forsake fast food if you want to eat it just for me.

Its really OK to eat alone. There's this negative connotation attached to alone I guess is all.

Will try and post some pics soon hehe


Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Now, we wait

Its limbo again. (Inception! Oh please don't go there.)

Back then, it was the period between graduation and the exams. Now its between the holidays and the results and restart of school.

Do you feel it? The agonizing anticipation. The excruciating wait.

This holiday, I let it all go. My social restraints, my fears. It was indeed the holiday I wanted back before the O levels. OK. I was dreaming of trying new games everyday, my internet ACTUALLY WORKING on Garena, and a bunch of friends coming over or going out together everyday. The games? Well I can't do that because I've resolved not to download them from dubious sources anymore. The internet? Has always been in a bad state, I didn't do much to help either so whatever. Friends? Working or overseas. Oh well I guess.

But the feeling. No more holiday work. No more studying. Is just. WIN.

Now.... ACK (You Duen influence! =D)

Is it possible to enjoy the last days of any holiday? Even when you've done your work and are really that free to do whatever you like. But that's the problem isn't it?

Not only do we have to do nothing and feel guilty when we do nothing.
We keep thinking to ourselves that its the last part of the possibly best, most glorious holiday of our lives. And suddenly, we're pressured to "perform" amazing feats of "fun" when obviously, the best way to enjoy a holiday, is to let loose and not think.

So be it.

Its time that I be grateful for the holiday I've had and not waste the week left.

Back to spamming POKEMON  Diamond WTF.

Saturday, 1 January 2011


The end of the decade. Is it relevant? How is time relative? Isn't it another year? So what if its a new decade?

A milestone is all it is. It is no different then any other day today. Maybe sides not going to work/school and perhaps saving that $1 off your parking coupon fee.

I hope that people will enjoy everyday and make the most of everyday.

Yes, you can look back and reflect today. But what about tomorrow? And the next day? Do you continue to better yourself everyday? Make new resolutions each time you learn something instead of just each year?

Here in forever sunny Singapore, the weather hasn't changed. It hasn't suddenly become spring. People with new New Year's Resolutions haven't changed drastically really. (Unless their resolution is to become Bipolar) Change is gradual and marking 2011 as a big change may not be as apt as one can think.

So I'm back. Heh. Do you want me to post about my trip? Maybe if I'm free and not lazy (will never happen).

Happy New Year