Sunday, 20 April 2014


Just playing around with language and stuff.

Was walking down alone
A still and misty street
Kept glancing at my phone
My music on repeat

Unsure where I'm to go
This cold and silent night
Under the eerie glow
Of a warm and orange light

Just around the corner
In a small shelter's shade
I glimpsed a slender figure
She was naturally radiant,
Alike something hand-made

Lit softly by the billboard
Her cheeks a little flushed
That night it started to drizzle
And the ambience became hushed

I sat down right next to her
And watched the sparkling raindrops
Glow orange around the streetlights
No longer an eerie sight.

Ran 20km today. By myself again. Glenn told me even he runs with someone else. *Shrugs* o well.
There are groups of friends whom, when I'm with them, I am almost entirely eradicated of inhibition. (You can really only get this with eccentric art people with sadly lots of issues) And I wish it were that simple, especially with Mel, right? But no. You have to work hard for something you want. I know that. Or does something like ~frequency~ kind of come naturally? Can you get used to, and enjoy somebody's company... over time? Nobody's a carbon-copy. You play out the side that's important. Maybe I just haven't found out which is yet.

Time check: 2.05 AM
It's actually already Sunday eh?

Demons is nice for the lyrics too. Cause ya know everyone kind of thinks they have a dark-side (or at least I do) that's not very pleasant/normal. Ah but this ain't a confidence issue cause I know part of my character ain't gonna conform to societal norms but that's fine with me! The question is, is it fine with you that I don't mind heavy metal/progressive rock and I like to game, and maybe I have really dark humor stemming from nihilist philosophy and that I think most people are under the illusion of too much drama and maybe for some situations people need to quit whining and man up.

J1 "senior crush" hahahaha. Sorry but that's really cute/sweet just because I have no idea why somebody would crush on me (unless I am somehow unaware that I'm ridiculously handsome which is not the case). Crushes to me usually has some superficial connotation to it, so does personality count? By the time I was J2 I was pretty set on being loner and stuff and anyway I always thought that's too young to be in a healthy relationship. So in J1 I liked a lot of girls but I'd just brush any stray thoughts aside since friendship's more important right(?) and maybe MORE importantly... we're just young and stupid and obviously ain't gonna make any sound decisions just yet. What about her right? "Isn't that the question of the day??" ~Harry Osbourne. Well to be honest yes I did like her, but also to be honest not as much as other girls in my batch (the closer you get with someone, the more you tend to obsess a little). Does it matter now though? Not really but it's cute and she's a lovely person.

Time check: 2.25 AM
Brother just got home. "What are you doing?... You have a blog????"

So what if I do actually...? Who really reads my blog nowadays lol. It's sort of an annex to me now. An archive. Something that's written in the SOP that I have to do but not entirely useful except for that one day you decide to read back on your life and basically go 'wtf' when you do.

Time check: 2.29 AM

Brother just switched the lights off. (Wow am I tweeting or what) And I should be ending soon (PLEASE PLEASE DO) Today I traveled to the ends of the earth to see my friend toss his peaked cap and basically have dinner. And yesterday I had lunch with Mel after breakfast with my family. I'm actually still nervous every time I meet her HAHA. But not in a confidence sort of way (I might add!). Does that make any sense? Probably not because

Time check: 2.37 AM
And I'm out of caffeine in my system.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Runner's notice

Yesterday I had to make a different decision. To run or take public transport to POP. I decided the latter too mainstream so I ran the former would free my Sunday morning, killing two birds with one stone so I woke up at 4am on Saturday and took off at 5 to the platform.

When you run long distance, you inevitably get a little bored... a little extra observant. You'll notice stuff. Specific stuff. Shall call it runner's notice.

1. Other runners
Cause I'm wondering why the hell are they up at this hour too

2. The lightning storm.
CAT 1? Should I actually be running? What if it rains? What if I get struck by lightning? What has the army been teaching me all this time?!

3. "John Cleese"
I swear when I saw this billboard I thought it was John Cheese. Why is this guy on a billboard? Who is he anyway?

4. The newspaper delivery man
Saw him stack and sort newspaper at the bottom of my house. I think there's something sentimental about seeing such people. Like what are their stories? Are they lonely? What motivates them everyday?

5. Waterbay place?
Just a condo I specifically noticed. Entering into the condo 'division' of  Tanjong Rhu. Actually the name probably ain't correct. Water something.

6. That guy sleeping in one of the shelters on Marina Barrage.
Just a random, probably migrant worker.

7. The lone traveler who took a picture on the bridge from Gardens by the Bay to Marina Bay Sands

8. The probably party-going youngsters catching a cab at 6+ near Marina square.
Or people who eat absurdly early breakfast in nice clothes.

Seasons 2
There is a spring
Where the cherry blossom blooms
Where the sun rises first
To bring clear afternoons

There is a summer
Where the ocean waves swell
Along vast golden beaches
Stretching as far as one can tell

There is an autumn
Where the auburn leaves fall
Littering windswept paths
Along meadows and gentle knolls

There is a winter
Where it gently snows
Across a sea of lights
Where warm fires glow


There is a place

Where the seasons don't change
Only everlasting sunshine
And never ceasing rain.
And that's where I met you