Tuesday, 31 December 2013

An afternoon in the rain

An afternoon in the rain

An afternoon in the rain
Sip your coffee
Hunch into your chair
Feel the heavy air

A breeze washes over
And twinkling in outside puddles
Soak in the view
Everything in grey hue

Let em swing
this summer's day away,
Let the rain narrow our vision
to shadows beyond the mist

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Hey erm

Hey erm
Would you care to
I mean
Would you like to
its a bit short notice but
can i find out
may i ask if
if its not weird
I've got this question
Are you free this
I've been meaning to ask
Hope it isnt a bad time but
Is it ok if
Are you ok with
Hey erm
maybe you could
just tell
how you

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Extracting the abstract

Visions so grand that you can't explain.
What do people think about when they have nothing to think about?
Games, TV and sex. No better than the people I judge. It is a way to vent my frustration with myself.

You'll be in debt to that someone.
Are you afraid you're unworthy?
If you have a choice why choose wrong?
Instead taking your time till you're alone in the end.

Shook my head out
Took the drama out
Set me to the chaos frequency
That rocks the world

Escape or re-entrance
Sure it's the latter
Prefers the latter
Getting angry to get sane

Don't let the troubles tremor
Nothing's gonna stop your rumble
But when the music plays out
Will it last if you've got no devices?

Wednesday, 4 December 2013


The MO really went all out into getting me cured... on anti-bios now. But he can't cure everything.
Just read this article in TIME about the emotional vulnerability of... boys, because as compared to girls, they don't express their feelings easily. In fact, 81% of suicide cases between 10-24 are guys.

Sat at home finishing the game Flower.

Windy landscapes
Breezing through fields of violets and blues
Starry night skies
Above this meadow of so many hues

Hearing nothing
But that soft piano tune
Seeing it all below you
In the sky in a lone hot air balloon

Far away from the cities
Stepping out into the light of the moon,
I never want to leave...
Not now, not so soon.

Monday, 2 December 2013

Notes on notes

Somehow can't edit properly the text on the previous post (notes) nor this one (using HTML instead). There are 3 poems meant to be separate. Follow, Under the Oak and Feelings and Thoughts... Lately I've found a need to write, post and blog again proper. I realized I always wrote on a few topics... of travels in a dreamy place, a crush or just stuff like this, a little tailored like Yams'. Wish I had more experience and more time. Am already writing this using valuable time. The title 'notes' is a ref to the medium I write on nowadays, on my phone rather than a notebook that I used to write on.


Losing steam, while i was ahead
Which track was i meant for?
Someone gave me a map
But i had no compass

Veered left and veered right,
Followed the winds then dug my own tunnels. 
I want to be like him, and him and him.

No, be yourself they told me.
Tell that to a crook, a villain
Is wrong inherent? Or wait like wine, sweeter with age?

Under the oak
I sat and pondered
Silent i soaked
time i squandered

Under the ash 
I dreamed and wondered
Thought i was rash
Really a coward

Was afraid of choosing and losing
Was afraid of commitment to something i couldnt see the end to

Nagging in my head
Procrastinate and hate
Lying on my bed 

The cold bites again
And again and again
Left it to my will
Like a child succumbed

Realized now, forgetting later
Knowing but uncontrolling
Left nothing but distaste

Bitter and lingering
Was it the sickness or the medicine?
Which is better - to live or to enjoy a wasted living

Sought refuge in crevices
Fooled only myself
Shadows don't disappear in the dark
They engulf wholly instead

Get out of my head
Never ending feelings against thoughts