Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Faded Dotted Lines

Left this post unfinished weeks ago.

Dramatic changes in my mindset since J1. Or have there been any at all?

As a wise man named Marcus once said, thinking is depressing.

Sometimes, in my current style of Rock, don't think, just do, coffee mugging style, I take a pause to think back. Big mistake.

You see the whole basis of such a philosophy works on convincing yourself that many thoughts are an overreaction and are hence, of no value. "I should have done this sooner", "Why can't I seem to get this part?", "Why the hell was I surfing the web for 4 hours?" for example, when referring to mugging. And even on real life situations. "I should have said...", "Why am I so lonely"

The trick is to then imagine the tumblr/9gag/reddit meme showing Yao Ming's face and say 'Fuck that shit.' And move on with your incomplete tutorials life.

However, I understand still the importance of reflection, just to make sure you're going down the right path. So I do that at times, mostly at night, tired after all the work of the day, or on bus and train rides home, listening to mellow-er music

Philo questions oft appear. One interesting one I asked myself recently was why we find sunsets, sunrises and sun behind clouds... beautiful? Something so illogical isn't it? Perhaps it is because we associate such images with something, just as how biologists postulate that we find certain baby animals cute because of certain subtle features that make it look like human babies, and that stimulates certain brain waves patterns, I wouldn't know.

I forgot exactly what I intended to write for this post :/

The bass on this song (Y)

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Watching on the sides

The 'last day of lessons' ended with a whimper.

We judge how people judge us by judging them.

It's just after midnight and a can of beer with Sprite.
Still dislike the taste. Don't get alcohol. Don't get blackouts either. Perhaps they come in pairs.

"Write down how you think others perceive you" it says on my CV feedback.
What a question. Don't we all want to know?

We shouldn't care. Or at least I think I shouldn't care. And personally I think once you've made up your mind to think a certain way, after careful consideration of everything, you stick to it and don't waste time pondering over it until the next run through of reflections or bout of contradictory evidence. I wonder who reads my blog besides my two felloners <-- I merged fellow and loners together... and they're oxy-morons. K I don't know if they're loners. Neither do I know if I am.

I guess it was a decision not to care too much about being alone that is self-fulfilling.
When you decide that 'you're ok with not hangin' out' with your friends and just heading home to lepak, that's when you push people away. No, not push, more like, encouraging them to find someone else. And it's not because you don't enjoy the company, no I love it, love me friends and all. Just that I'm fine being alone, mostly. Meaning that people will think it more fulfilling, somehow, to spend time with someone else.

Heading to Raja everyday after school, or back to the classroom, by myself. I walk past all the best friends and couples and yeah, plenty of loners too. Problem is I don't know the loners but I know the former two, heh. Which is logical too, I might add.

So I'm bummed yeah, but I'm reminded that life goes on that it applies to the poor children begging of the streets of who-knows-where.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Just me and me dad

Watching the Olympics with dad

Thousands of stereotypical racist remarks ensue

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Wtf transformers

Just caught the a portion of Transformers 3 Dark something.

Fucking. Stupid. Recycled. Shit. With Explosions. And lousy one-liner dialogues. With more explosions.

I do not hate superficial movies, I hate deceptive ones. The ones that try to play themselves as some epic movie with morals and heroism and shit, but is actually fucking rubbish. Some movies are superficial, and are blatantly obviously so, from the outset, so much nonsense going on that you know the director is just having fun and probably had 5 litres of vodka. Mixed with cocaine. I do not hate such movies, I laugh at them. It's fun to make fun of them because they invite it too.

Sometimes, having paid billions of dollars into marketing on various channels, the actors will be 'interviewed' about how they feel about the movie and they start saying some serious, moral shit like 'I really think my character is just this really misunderstood... etc etc.' when actually the character they play has fucking no realism to it at all.

Decepticons. Deception.

Friday, 3 August 2012

C.S Lewis can do better than this

I do not quite enjoy having to keep converting the TIFF files on grab to jpeg but oh well.
On to the point.
How can you trust your own thinking? Well in general I think that when I punch a wall I will likely get hurt. And I observe (in a sense, for I feel pain) this to be true. I therefore think it wise to trust my thinking. I could be wrong.
I've read Mere Christianity and respect his very sound arguments, especially on Moral Conscious (which indeed, is highly unexplained in science!) but I really don't get this one. His analogy did not help either. Though I do accept that my misunderstanding is my own fault.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Imported players?

A very frustrating, typical response of Singaporeans, and probably every country in the world.
Not that I disagree entirely with his stance, no I do think it more ideal to use home-grown athletes of course. But before the rest, firstly... one extremely irritating point is how he blatantly manipulates the 'ideal' of the Olympics like a religious extremist. WHO THE FUCK TOLD YOU WHAT WAS THE 'ULTIMATE IDEAL' OF THE OLYMPICS? K sorry couldn't keep up the formal, academic tone. I'm guessing, (myself ironically, presuming and being judge-mental) he just 'thought' that was what the Olympics was about without actually reading it up or listening to the President during the Opening Ceremony.

I didn't want to re-type too much so I'll post my reply to his reply here.
"A fair point, in light of how our players became citizens close to the Olympics in 08', and to add as well, they may compete with our local, hard working athletes for Olympic sports and beat them. Some may call it injustice. But two other points of contention, firstly is that 'citizen' is a highly subjective term which you use loosely conservative here. How would you say if a person is a 'citizen' of a country? Taking Feng as an example, she did choose to fight for us, she did not choose to be born in China, and I think you ignore the fact that countries are no longer defined by race, because nearly all sovereign, open states are multicultural. If you still believe in ancestry, that you should be a person from this land, than only Malays should be representing Singapore. As for cynical reasons such as 'for money' or 'for selfish glory' which I think local authorities are careful enough not to allow such players to represent us. The true test will probably be what she does in the long term. Will she stay on to coach here after the Olympics? Will she go back to China and renounce citizenship here? Grouping all of the 'imported players' together is not helpful."

And more of course.
Firstly, if you were to assume that this sporting event, like most, was a test of 'which country is better', in a matter of speech, than wouldn't it already be unfair that bigger countries have a larger genetic pool/talent? Training methods are slowly homogenizing and thus will become less important, so how do you expect smaller countries to compete on fair grounds? Then should it not be 'the Olympic Games for countries that usually win'? The flip-side to that of course, is to change it to 'the Olympic Games for rich countries who can buy imported players'. However, I do think the latter is a stance adopted by the more cynical, who likely take cues from the English Premier League and other soccer leagues, which YES, do require tons of money to win (more money). But no, the Olympics is not like that.

I'm fairly certain Feng will invite criticism at home, saying she 'betrayed' them. Do you think money is the only thing people go for? I don't think it's easy for people to just take money and go against their principles like we see on TV (the fake kind). Why do you think she fought Ding Ning so hard? Personal glory? Would you ignore the symbolism of representing a country for that? I believe it good to allow athletes to choose their allegiance, but of course loyally and responsibly. (meaning to say after careful consideration, after settling in the country and learning to love it, etc.) Feng is proud to play for Singapore, so there. I say we give her support instead of turning on auto-xenophobia, anti-foreigner mode. In a globalized world, nations are not bound  by race but by choice, as I'm sure you've heard of many citizens who've learnt to love their new countries more than their old. Our country is open (and hopefully, welcoming and hospitable), as I'm sure the first Chinese immigrants here who first identified themselves with this island as their home, why should we deny modern immigrants from doing the same? Because we were here first? WRONG. MALAYS WERE.

Am I the only person who noticed the retarded phone logic in the Opening Ceremony?

Women's TT Singles

Eh Feng lost. Aw.
Was a really exciting match.
Inspired to make memes.