Friday, 24 May 2013

Miss the times, back in JC

I don't feel connected whatsoever. Nothing special at all
A complete lost of purpose and aesthetic, the top two tiers of Maslow's hierarchy.
I don't feel like reading a book, or playing computer, or pretty much anything.
Today I don't feel like doing anything.
Going through the motions and I need some new music or something to look forward to.

Keep going back to the old times, trying to bring back old things. Listening to old music, old games. Trying to dig up my happiness somewhere behind. Keep drinking coffee. I can't keep at it. Or maybe I can.

Someone needs to be there. Yet I don't give any attention. This blog not having traffic either heh.
I'm a troubled earth. I need something new.

Poetry poetry. Always helps right? Argh why do I feel an ache. Captain Mani just joined platoon one. "I don't like gamers. Such a dull way to spend your youth". It's true. YOLO all the time... What am I really doing? I feel isolated and unable to talk. Perhaps it was because I made someone cry again. Cycles.

I need to rest. Or maybe I need to explore. I need a best friend... What do I need? I need to do something not so solo. Not so comfort zone. OCS? It's not where my true passions lie. Then what? Why can't I work on what I want to do? Photography is such an emo, solo thing. Fuck.