Saturday, 27 July 2013

The 6AM Train

Written a while back

A shooting star at night
Plainly, diligently traveling
Carrying the tired
Waiting in anticipation

Some sit some stand
Most slumber
Or let themselves go
To the sounds of ambiance and stereo

Moments like these
Moments alive
They give me strange comfort
In my existence I recognize theirs

Monday, 22 July 2013


My elder bro's back!


Yams came back the other day and we had outings together for two days ending in a sentimental moment. Wish we could pause. But as the Paramore song goes ~ "It's time to move forward..."
 Going to leave Sierra Wing after 3 months... dam. Don't know where I'm going.
YY was really happy that "I had friends" lol. Shaun pointed out I'm very different in school and in army. Maybe. Or it's just the same and I'm showing more of one side. I just cannot feel free in the army. It's like when I got spectacles haha.

Guess I intended to write this a little earlier. But it's OK.

I love white.

My old friend whom i've known for a while does too... http://keepingcomposure.tumblr.com/
And so does this photographer... http://vincentmunier.com/

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Odd hours

Sometimes I can control my sleeping time.

Sometimes I just want to stay up.

And its 1.50am. Not the latest, not early at all.

Detrimental to the body, but what about the soul and mind?

... I have so much work to do. Right before a crazy exercise. I need my rest. I need so much. What about others who need?

Just one more day burnt and its over ain't it. Book outs are too short to grow.

Yong Xin came into my room today to say how soothing my photos are. I know what he means... It's why I put them. It makes me... sober. Maybe a bit melancholic. It reminds me of the places where I feel... I feel.

Times like these. The odd hours.

Tomorrow I will be disciplined.