Friday, 20 June 2014

Not Shorts

Out the gates by myself
A beep and a swing
Fifty meters from a weekday
Why did I smile to myself?
I was free!

Alone an happy
Have you felt that way before?
Each path new or familiar
Yet all an adventure!

No character to uphold
No pretense was ever needed
In the company of strangers
For the lone traveler
I was free.

As a child you remembered
That rush into the tunnel
The hissing of the wind
The sunlight draining

No wonder
As an adult
You didn't pause
Only sped away in thoughts
As fast as this train

In the mellow grey between
A long summer night
A cup of jasmine green
And the company of many
The noise aplenty

When yesterday you said
Lets go
Today I stay
At home

I hoped for company
and wished to be alone
How can it be?
My head's a paradoxical tone

Then all I wanted
Was to be alone
With company.

Who is in the relationship? You and her? Or you and the expectations of society?