Thursday, 23 December 2010

Indonesia atheists go online

Straits Times Page A13 December 23

So if you read this small article which unfortunately is too small to post online... Just like to put it out there I think countries should be as secular as possible. Not only is it fairer in a globalised world, but some of the leading countries in HDI are very much leaders in being secular as well. Sweden, Norway being examples. Err, I think.

Anyway, the 2nd point I wanted to make was to Hendrik lol. Cause your right, atheists = people with no faith, and not my initial idea of anti-religon.


Away from 1.20AM Friday  24 Dec to 1st Jan

You all know the drill. Don't call, avoid sms.

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

A family Christmas

I'm going off to somewhere which I will only say if you ask me. From 23rd Dec to 1st Jan

But right before that I'm going to see my juniors carol on Wednesday, so if you're interested to join me... ya let me know lol.

I have no clue how Husain memorize the lyrics and doesn't know Japanese

As though gathering up the crowded out wind
Following along with the waves, racing into the distance
I'm deciding to be resolute, even though the road is far away
I'm continuing on to the future that I've sketched out
To you, who are far away from here
I want to send a piece of it, and the wind from those days, to you
I'm not lonely, you'll always be here
The wind connects us, no matter where we go
Time urges us along
The speed of my pulse increased
Even though we were awake within our dreams
We were searching for the same light
Beneath the shining starry sky
The uncountable number of constellations and shadows
Follow the sleepless nights
I search for a faint echo of it

Even though the meetings and partings repeat themselves now
I'm still this much of a child
I can't cast the fleeting image
Over to the roadside

The next time that I see you
I'll untangle the tangled threads
I'll talk until I get tired
And I'll smile as much as I can
Slipping away into the brilliant streets
The morning sun colors my cheeks
Ahead, what are you gazing at
Just what are you gazing at, I wonder?
Just what are you gazing at, I wonder?
Time continues to fly by
The wind connects us together
I'm not lonely, even now you're here
No matter where we go, the wind will...

Monday, 20 December 2010


Where is everybody?!

I just spent 15 minutes downstairs pacing the floor waiting for at least 1 of 7 people to reply or call me back. They still haven't. So I scrapped my solo outing to watch my juniors carol which hopefully would end off with a dinner with them. There's still tomorrow anyway.

But then, I can't help but feel really disconnected now with everyone. 80% of facebook users aren't posting, and half the blogs I visit aren't active. I can't really expect everyone to post everyday. And yet this isn't everyone. No contact with my Primary School friends since Not So Silent Night Concert at VJC.

Haiz. I'm overreacting like mad.

Last time, a call would be received in 5 minutes. An SMS in 30. Don't you guys have your phone nearby at all times? The speed of communication must have altered my thinking somehow. Perhaps I have been playing too much single player I'm desperate for some feel of the outside world. Yeah, my younger brother and maid were out for 2 hours, which perhaps could have numbed my mind.

Anyway its too late now, I'm going off in 3 days.

I really need something else to do. I haven't got any new music, games or shows in weeks! Why, o why do you all have to take up jobs during the best time to enjoy ourselves... Are you guys prepared for adult life already?

I'm feeling a why you no meme right about now

Sunday, 19 December 2010

I wonder...

What others are doing right now.

What they're thinking.

What their families are like.

If my mother enjoys shouting. Probably not, its more of an addiction to impulse. She just shouted at me for not choosing my brother's school bag out of a choice of two. O_o Can you just calm down and collect your thoughts? Guess not. Her motto if she doesn't like it she'll shout. Cats probably do that.

Have you been scolded for not doing anything because you don't know what to do since from the start the person whose scolding you has been leading the charge?


The guitar in the front is just, nice to listen to, I don't know why.

Thursday, 16 December 2010


There has been a lot of talk about 'not believing the official story' going around, especially with Michael Moore's quote supporting Assange.

I'd just like to point out that believing the conspiracy theories, without analyzing the facts, without clear evidence, and discounting the official story completely, is almost equally naive to me.

I do not believe conspiracists have no motive. That they are altruistic people who seek to 'inform' the truth. Nope. People throughout the centuries, like to scare. It's fun, it's enjoyable even. People also like authority. They want to think they know better than others,, that its their duty to spread the word, that they have the power to change the world, probably what I'm doing now isn't it?

Well like it or not I enjoy preaching hehe.


Humans are naturally flawed. Do I think it is possible for someone to be completely benevolent and good-willed? No. We judge. We misunderstand. We assume. We don't know much to be honest. Socrates' quote comes into mind: 'All I know is that I know nothing'.

I'm not a pessimist. It doesn't mean we can't try to be good people, or be someone we think we ought to be.

So Michael Moore's vision of a completely transparent society? Not working for me. I picture endless wars, as diplomats and politicians lose their reasoning when faced with frank feelings towards each other.


You know Lee Wei Ling? MM Lee's neuro-scientist daughter?

She wrote an article for think-thank a while back. I was influenced by it. She says we don't need to be too politically correct (PC) all the time. Kind of struck me as more credible writing. She wrote frankly and sincerely, and maybe more importantly, against what my conventions of MM Lee's daughter would write.

She said that the races are different, and we cannot deny it. Jews are better economists. Aborigines are less intellectual. But her point wasn't to generalize. Her point is that, through culture, religion, history and time, human beings became different. its just genetics. She meant that in general, the races are so on so. One example she gave was that most Jewish Rabbis were scholars, and because they were highly respected in Jewish society, they were often sought after for marriage, and hence continued a line of smart children.

She remains United Nations Approved though, because she goes on to say, that it's also true that an aborigine can win a Jew in a math test fair and square, and that we shouldn't judge an individual right away based on a majority, but still, we need to take into account their strengths and weaknesses when making policies and what not.

Even Dr Mahathir said, that if Malaysia adopted a truly meritocratic society, a fair and equal system, something like Singapore, the Malays would lose out to other races. He didn't say it directly, but we can guess what he meant.

So can you really blame the diplomats for saying such impolite comments about other countries/races? Are they being discriminatory? Yes. Are they wrong? Maybe. Who knows? No one.


I am seriously pushing the boundaries of freedom of speech here.


I like this song now Jaren!

Fatal error ffffffffuuuuuu!!!!

Over 5 times this happened and I still got nothing better to do! I'm sure someone did a rage guy like this before but I couldn't find so I made one cause if not I'll be playing more dota ai and having more fatal errors just when I get triple kill/ultra kill/rampage/god like/holyshit/full luxury build!!!

Now you know what I do when I'm bored. Dota and tumblr xD

Monday, 13 December 2010

Thrill seeker? Probably not

Went to Universal Studios yesterday =D (as in Singapore).
With it, it would have been complete. The whole experience I mean.

I'm usually a very paranoid person, a scaredy-cat if you will, so it was really odd for me to just start chionging all the scariest spots and what not. I just, felt like it. Perhaps, ironically, it was because of my paranoia, because I'm definitely not a thrill-seeker. I was afraid of wasting 60 freaking dollars and doing everything half-baked, you know? Like for the attraction of viewing some hurricane in a sound stage, I stood in front on the so called 'splash zone' and I was one of three people to sit in the front most row, the 'soak zone' while watching waterworld, out of a crowd of 300 over. Those in front carry umbrella some more = =. Come on SG, where's your spirit?

Stupidly, I didn't get soaked at all, people behind me did. Maybe the cast just thought it would be better to 'disturb' those people who too afraid to brave the front road, so they just spray the 2nd row ++

At least the audience was a responsive bunch. The response from the front section of the audience watching 'Monster Rock' was just terrible. No cheering when asked to, no clapping, laughing at puns, just stoned, poker faces. Maybe caused it was filled with a lot of less young Singaporeans and also had a lot of conservative Muslims. The back section was encouraging though, mostly made up of youngsters.

Now I will talk about rides. Back then I was super scared and probably closed my eyes almost every ride. Don't know why but for some reason my bravery went up tenfold yesterday

Revenge of the mummy - best of the lot. (Without Battle Star Galactica of course.... T_T) The funny thing is, the queue is really short (only 5 minutes on a SUNDAY during school holidays), cause apparently everyone's scared to take it. (wtf) The mummy was kind of scary, but since I watched both movies like 4 over times, it wasn't really much of a thrill. Thought the Spider-man ride in Universal Studios Osaka, the equivalent over there, was better. Got 3D glasses mah lol. Both had the same super funny twist. SPOILER ALERT. First part of the speeding part of the roller coaster, you 'crash' into this wall, then start moving BACKWARDS! lol. Awesome.
A rather short-lived ride though. Spider-man was super long, and awesome.

Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure - Disappointing. Queued 1hour + and all they give me is some less than 1 storey crash. Lame. Curiously, it was nearly exactly the same as the one I took in Osaka. But the latter was definitely better. SPOILER ALERT! Firstly because the T-Rex head in Osaka looked like it could swallow the whole raft, but the one in Singapore, meh, maybe one person. Second cause the final drop is like 2 storeys. Warning though, very very huge splash. Even my hair got soaked. I liked the Singapore twist to the ride though, cause suddenly you will enter this lift nearing the end of the hydroelectric plant that elevates you to the T-Rex. Osaka was different here, I will not elaborate.

Enchanted Airways - 2nd of the lot probably. Definitely suited for kids, because its more thrilling than scary (Opposed to revenge of the mummy), and had some funny moments in it. Its supposed to be a 'junior roller coaster' anyway. So yeah. SPOILER ALERT! The drop was slightly disappointing though, cause you reach a respectable height than slow down cause you turn right a way. Dang. Didn't give me more than a significant stomach churn.

Accelerator - Lamest of the lot. Nothing my dad's driving can't do really. Just take an exit from ECP or towards Safra Country Club, and you can achieve nearly the same effect. I can have a nice lunch inside, though I'd probably spill everything.

Canopy Flyer - 2nd lamest. Indeed, your feet isn't touching anything and that's pretty scary. But then again, nearly 3/4 of the ride you can see a safety net below you by barely one flight of steps. Plus, the ride is over in lik 10 seconds without so much as a 3 steps drop. Nice ride to cool off.

Shrek 4-D Adventure - Respectable. SPOILER ALERT! I deem this a ride because your seat will move and spray air and water at you though you don't really move through space. The 3-D glasses give it an edge. The story is amusing and the scares are adequate. (At one point a spear is pointing directly at you with your 3-D glasses on. Nice)

That's all the rides I went yesterday. I'll end this long post (I think, haven't pressed the 'preview button') by naming in order of merit (best being first place) of all the rides I've taken in my life and can still remember)

I didn't do much at Universal Studios Osaka because of the weather causing most rides to close...
I will base on impulse, so queue times matter cause they affected my mood.

1. The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man [Universal Studios Osaka]
2. Spider-man? [Genting Highlands outdoor theme park]
3. Space Mountain [Tokyo Disneyland]
4. The Corkscrew [Genting Highlands outdoor theme park]
5. Revenge of the mummy [Universal Studios Singapore]
6. Jurassic Park: The Ride [Universal Studios Osaka]
7. Dragon? [Can't remember where, Genting Highlands or Hong Kong]
8. Snoopy's Playland [Universal Studios Osaka]
9. Enchanted Airways [Universal Studios Singapore]

Argh. Just realized there is still a Transformers ride, TWO battle star galactica rides, and a Madagascar ride I haven't taken DANG IT.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

"Not fairy tales but porn" An excerpt from the Straits Times

I don't know why I'm continuing this streak of news commenting but this is pretty funny.
Lost in translation I guess.

"Beijing: Chinese publishers have pulled a collection of Brothers Grimm fairy tales from children's shelves in bookstores after mistakenly translating a Japanese pornographic reinterpretation of the tales.

China Friendship Publishing Company and China Media Time translated the erotic retelling of the stories by Japanese duo Kiryu-Misao without credit after mistaking them for the originals, the Global Times newspaper reported." Agence France-Presse

The Straits Times Wednesday, December 82010 Page A29
Poor Children


I think I naturally prefer British to American music.
From the Burnout 3 Soundtrack, which I think was the best of the burnout games I've played, which is only burnout 3 and burnout paradise lol...
Decent Days & Nights - The Futureheads
Curiously, do they put the song title first or the artist first?

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Permit denied for human rights march

In the home section of the Straits Times today, an article with this title can be found.

In a gist: "Police have turned down an application by the Singaporeans for Democracy political association for a permit to stage a march on Friday to commemorate International Human Rights Day"

So That's the first line of the article, and I'm immediately thinking: "Wtf, how could they? Its perfectly commendable!" Police cited a vague reason as usual 'law and order issues' they say. Once again, I'm astonished, is it an inside job? I'm already thinking.

Then I went on reading and found the answer.

"30 people...march with placards calling for freedom of speech and assembly, and free and fair elections, among other things" and "planned to hold the march from Hong Lim Park to Parliament House" AND "Police are advising the organiser to hold the event at Speakers' Corner in Hong Lim Park.

Want an L4 answer? The police is a branch under the government and hence blah blah blah. Standard no-brainer.

Now do you want an L5 answer?  Well IMO, protests and march have a knack for drumming up issues for no reason. For instance, after witnessing the Red Shirt protests on the news, for some reason, I just thought half of Thailand's population consists of red shirts, the other half being yellow shirts. Which is really superficial thinking, but its true. People just need to see these sort of big events staged by a small numbers to become over analytical.

In fact, the red shirt protests only covered SOME of Bankok. Compared to the rest of Thailand. Super small. Yet, there's so much hype about it! True, there was also a lot of violence in this event. But don't you think calling for human rights and free and fair elections in front of Parliament may cause some misconceptions?

Passerbys may start thinking that Singapore's system of Government is in some kind of peril or facing imminent collapse and about to be taken over by Hitler or something. Don't underestimate the power of suggestion.

Bottom line: Staging such a march MAY cause a frenzy for no reason. It may even undermine the government in the process.

In fact, I was just talking to my ex-classmate yesterday (actually today at around 1am). To me, protests always bring attention, but rarely change.

Do you know Jon Stewart from the daily show? He organised a 'rally to restore sanity'. One of his key points was: We cannot allow radicals from different sides to always be shown on the news and slowly becoming the voice of the people. He was speaking of recent Christians VS Islam events in the USA. And I agree with him. Seeing all these marches/protests may not really be the voice of the people, but merely a small group of radicals CLAIMING they represent the majority.

Of course, you can disagree with me! This is a blog, not a encyclopedia. There have been protests that succeeded, and I think partially because they did represent the majority. Like marches for Women Rights back in 1960-80s? America.


Just watched Valkyrie yesterday (rented the DVD from VideoEzy)
Good movie, as history students, we know the outcome but we still want to know what really happened that led to it. Was a good thriller and most of the facts are fundamentally there. Tom Cruise seriously looks like Von Stauffenberg, the other actors and their respective roles too.
About the real story, they tested certain change in factors later on and the conclusion is really sad.
Had the 20 July bomb:
1. Been detonated with both explosive packs that Von Stauffenberg had
2.Been detonated inside the reinforced command bunker as was planned before the day was too hot and shifted to the conference hut with windows
3. Not been shifted by one of the German officers to behind the table's leg that shielded Hitler by accident
Hitler would have been killed.
I respect these brave men.

Monday, 6 December 2010

Left out

With so many people taking jobs during the holidays, its kind of making me feel extra guilty for not taking one. I see the benefits of course, but, I just don't feel like working, at all. Am I just super lazy? I had a holiday in mind already, with everyone having fun, relaxing at each others' houses, going to jog or watch movies every other day. Everyone's working or overseas now, and I'm feeling really lonely and depressed.

Is this what everyone already planned? Already hoping for? After the tiresome endless studying for the 'o' levels, going to work? You have so much to live for, don't fast forward your lives please. This holiday, so short lived, isn't it for resting and playing before gruelling JC life? Is it for money? Is it for work experience? Or is it, simply because, you were in my position, and your friends gave you an opportunity to join them? You know, I plan to work after JC, that much was sealed when my elder brother did.

I just don't get it. Am I just being immature and irresponsible?... Feeling really fucked.

And all this while, feeling the blues and jazz of this funky bass.

Friday, 3 December 2010

Those of you who don't tumblr won't understand xD

Yeah I made it myself =D

On a side note, did you know Halo: Legends (from which I get this meme from), a collection of 7 anime-style halo shorts EXISTS? You did? FINE. ERR ME TOO. I DEFINITELY FOUND IT FIRST.

Not bad I would say, worth the watch if your a halo fan, I watched everything including the special features.


Only panicked in my dreams

Throughout the 'O's, I admit it, I was, in a way, enjoying my life. Yeah I did study moderately, but I could wake up late (for afternoon papers), go home early, and do whatever I want. No paper exceptionally frightened me.

Yesterday, I ate Cambodian for dinner, lots of curry, nothing unusual. Probably doesn't go very well with sprite float (which my younger brother ordered) though. So at night fast asleep and dreaming. The most terrible dream occurred!!!

The 'O' levels were still here and I had one day to prepare for my CHINESE DRAWING AND PAINTING exam tomorrow =O THE HORROR. CHINESE + AEP ?!?!?!? I had no ideas and no prep work!! I panicked very much and the extra amounts of adrenaline pumped into my blood must have woken me at that moment. I woke up still thinking of ideas while my subconscious slowly dissipated. That's when I thought to myself:

The 'O's are over you dumbass.


My good 'ol Canon (delighting you always) Ixus compact is broken =((

A wise photographer once told me you need both a compact and a DSLR at any time to be a good photographer. That's the beauty of the compact, take it out any time and its ready to capture a fleeting moment, no need to change all the buttons and what not. I grieve for my camera...

That photographer btw, is Vincent Munier... I love his work... exactly the subject matter I'd like to take one day.

Visit his website!


Wednesday, 1 December 2010


The word 'alone', to many, carries negative connotations.

But it isn't necessarily so. I believe that the sooner someone stops thinking that being alone is boring, depressing, anti-social, or sad, the sooner he can enjoy being by him/herself.

We all need friends, I agree. But how is it that my generation just has to call someone up on his iPhone 4 or waste hours sms-ing just to escape solitude, I do not know. Why is it that you can't spend some time having your own fun for just a day or two, or an hour? Have we lost ourselves to socializing?

Till this day, there are still hermits, there are still elderly singles, people, who spend a possibly endless time alone. Maybe we are all just scared we'll end up shooting ourselves one day and die single due to loneliness.

Its true that staying lonely forever is really really tough. But not for few hours. Why not do the things you always wanted to try? There's no one around to judge after all.

Well, today my entire family is out and I'm by myself alone in my house.

I woke up like any other day and drank milk, read the papers, played some single player Warcraft, showered, read some Lord of the Rings. Went out for lunch, still by myself, listened to music, progressed on my new year's resolution by renting a movie (instead of every Singaporeans basic instinct to Torrent).

Every person should be him/herself. I sometimes feel that we all have lost some originality in ourselves somehow. 


Rifdi's text break!! =DD

It may seem strange to some of you when I refused fast-food with friends. But that's just me. I'm certain there are others who would do the same.

Well in the news today, on Prime Page A3 you can see an article on how hawker food ain't healthy either.

But one cannot be too shallow.
When you eat fast food, where does the money go? To TNCs who already earn billions. Turn on your television and you'll be hard pressed to not find at least one advert on fast food. Do hawkers advertise their sodium-rich, msg-drenched, processed food via mass-media?

And its ironic here isn't it? Do you notice these adverts often have youngsters (and sometimes elderly) chowing down on their products with glee? And yet, nowadays, while teens go on about rules and nasty parents, rebelling against 'the system', they are easily taken in by popularized products and fast food which insidiously do harm to them?

Then again, I know that everyone IS different! So if you just NEED to go out and spend everyday with friends, go ahead =D
Bah, time to stop ranting and get on with my single-player afternoon =D


HAH TWO DAYS NIA. Sim City 4 can do it in seconds!!