Monday, 13 July 2015


Gracious me.

After checking twice, I still managed to fill my address wrongly.
Now my college has been sending stuff to the wrong address for months.

I'm blogging because I'm feeling a very very specific, intense anger/frustration that can't be directed anywhere except towards me. Argh.

The only thing I can do now, is to move on of course. But hell, this hurts. I'm trying to figure out though, where this is really coming from.

I mean, why am I angry?

Is it that:
1. I expect to be perfect?
2. The mistake was rectifiable way before but I brushed it off?

Ah. There it is, I need not go on.
Here comes the rant.
1. I am pretty pedantic as a person -> I read my contracts, check boxes only after reading (except terms and conditions, I mean who does that right), I read and re-read at least once, any applications I send.
But I guess, that was a lie right? I mean mistakes happen, and I think I was just deceiving myself. I'm innately careless -> so I began over-checking -> Nature fought back -> I forgot why I over-check -> I I began to believe that I was innately meticulously -> I stopped being a prick (an excuse, at that) -> CONSEQUENCES.

Argh. OK. I'm going to take it nice and easy here.

So I was a bit of a prick, but I can be careful without wasting time, by checking the important bits, once through as well.

Gotta move on, my gosh. I am feeling that urge to tell someone about my first world problems. Argh. Shit. Goodness. Bad. Want to smash things and drum. Or maybe Koreans at starcraft.