Sunday, 29 July 2012

China and Brit

My race is Chinese and I'm born in a former British Colony. I'm full-blown Singaporean and former of the former two.

We should celebrate each Olympics for their distinctiveness. Why compare the opening ceremonies? Well, many you-tubers commented on some clips from the Beijing Olympics, which, irks me. The Olympics for me comes closer to a vision of internationality of humanity that I hope to see one day. A day when the authoritarian and closed states open up, and finally for once, real world peace. Many people lauded the Chinese for putting on a spectacular performance. Then, I was like 'o yeah Asian power, Chinese power'. But the opening ceremony for the London Olympics was awesome too! In a different way. I had to go 'o yeah Brit power' too. Obviously, they cater to different taste. And they complement each other to show the diversity of human civilization.

Someone commented that the Beijing Games were meant to break stereotypes while the Brit ones reinforced them. Once again, such stupidity gets on my nerves. They say the Beijing Olympics 'showed how China is no longer a poor country'... I'M SORRY? DO THEY NEED TO SHOW YOU FUCKING LOADS OF FIREWORKS BEFORE YOU'RE CONVINCED? Honestly, the problem with these kind of comments is the frustration I get when idiots don't know shit about the world. Neither is China now like some perfect country. Don't forget the millions still poor, and the widening income gap. (But yes, really awesome how they lifted the most people our of poverty, helping the UN meet their millennium goal) London too, has their homeless, their destitute, and their rain. And yes, moving on the the Brits, its not stereotypes if they are true. Rowan Atkinson, the Queen, Queen, ARE BRIT. And I'd like to add, they are the best of the Brits, just as China showed the best of China. If you want to consider all these awesome things about the UK stereotypes, well then I'd love to see more of these stereotypes soon. I love British culture, and I'm proud of Chinese culture.

And they both LOVE TEA.

Eh, Tao Li disqualified from Butterfly Finals. Aww. :( Guessing Table Tennis might be our only medals.
Hooray for Singapore's up and coming indie scene!

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Greece and London

Love ancient Greek culture and mythology. Love industrial/modern British culture and history.

Hence, loving the games in London.

Woke up this morning at 3.25AM to catch the live/delayed telecast on Channel 5. Only to realize there was an encore at 6pm. Nobody cares.

Shifting the minor updates, micro-blogging to this site instead of putting it as irrelevant comments on pictures on me tumblr.

Tao Li qualified for Semis woohoo. Found myself excited no matter what sport and what country. Well maybe I wouldn't really get wrestling and Judo.

I think the Afghan women boxer Sadaf Rahimi was quietly removed from the games. Dam. Disappoint.

South Korean flag incorrectly displayed with North Korean team. To be fair to the blundering brits, nobody forced you to name your two countries 'Republic of Korea' and 'People's Democratic Republic of Korea', with the latter being the epic most misleading shit ever. My good 'ol classmate who plays Starcraft had this to say on the news: "Nuclear Launch Detected".

But wait. It wouldn't work. CAUSE THEY HAVE MISSILES. On the rooftops of London I mean. No I'm not kidding, it's one of the security measures. How cool is that. Maybe the Queen has a cartoon-like red button to press and launch them at Mitt Romney. I mean seriously, losing swing states is understandable, but now this guy wants to lose countries. Hope Obama can work out the economy in time.

I'm blogging like Marcus.



Nah don't have it :P

SGC, scholarships, uni courses, uni talks, everything that I deem 'a necessary waste of time'. Dang it. Let me just watch ze Olympics in peace.

Unable. To. Withstand. Awesome-ness. Of. Brit. Music.
Cannot. Stop. Feeling. Awesome. Watching. Video

Friday, 20 July 2012

You don't know how I feel

That phrase, is a common irrational statement made by the clinically depressed, angst teenagers or emotionally charged people.

Because maybe we do know how you feel.

Whoever said that we must go through the exact same lifetime, exact same events, to be able to empathize with your state of mind?

I was giving advice on how I studied to my friend when a 3rd one voiced his annoyance. Saying that 'people only say that when they're at the top'. O is that so? Were my grades not as shitty as yours now? And also, are you going to take advice from someone who is consistently failing, or consistently succeeding, even better, improving? His response to that was 'just don't get advice'. Though terribly arrogant to say the least, I knew I had won the argument. For my friend sought advice, and so I gave advice. And of course, advice is not orders, you can always choose to adapt it, or throw it away, however different your situation, your history is.

And of course, if I had dramatically improved in my grades, and not given advice when sought, would that not be terribly selfish of me? So damned if I do and damned if I don't give advice is that right? No sorry, in your bitter consciousness and state of mind, it is understandable why you would say such a thing. But when you finally succeeded and looked back, how would you feel when people tell you 'you don't understand them' just because you improved. So thank you very much, but I cannot help you in your sorry state until you take some Prozac.

My good friend, when will you realize bitterness is but the drama we seek within?

Friday, 13 July 2012

Bad days are to be expected.

And good ones are just a bonus.

Shit happens. Life's basically a game, where all the shit in life is thrown at you, and good moments are to be enjoyed not as norms but as the bonus levels which you shouldn't expect and won't affect your game play adversely even if you fail to maximize getting points in them.

Recently adopted this philosophy. As well as lowering the amount of fucks I give. Some people say that you should let yourself 'feel' cause it's a human thing, that, even though you leave yourself vulnerable to the sadness and depression, you will also full enjoy the rich and wonderful experiences. Well screw that, I'm just going to take the rich and wonderful and forget/ignore the stupid ones eh? Hasn't been proven yet but going along nicely. Nobody said you're in a bad state, you're lonely, depressed, sad, etc. CEPT YOURSELF. Come on man, only people who look for drama will find it in life. If not, it's all perspective.

'Course, I guess this doesn't apply to those who really are in deep shit. But its a general rule of thumb for all the whiners and idiots who keep asking me how come my grades improve so much. Cause I didn't give a shit about anything much else during the holidays.

Now, I've fallen sick. KK forget it, big deal right? Many people do. Just try to get well and get back on track after. Thinking about how far behind I'll be when I recover is just going to be a waste of brain cells.

Oh its friday the 13th. SO? Don't give me that shit about bad luck. Bad luck is subjective.