Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Not bad at all!

Was shown this by me bro. I'd rather not post this on facebook, cause it can attract a lot of flak and presumptions (including myself of others oops). Though I was a bit put off by the airy first part, it turned out not bad. Perhaps ironic is that she can pronounce english better than aerosmith. Then again the singer is apparently American born so I'm talking nonsense. OK JUST LISTEN LA.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Philosophical Phase Part 1


*Jaren mode activate*

By all means, marry. If you get a good wife, you will be happy. If you get a bad one, you will become a philosopher.  -Socrates

*Jaren mode deactivate*

This morning during recess, Mr. I'm too cool for school tried to intimidate my beloved friend Jia Lok who stopped him from doing unspeakable evil! (Cutting queue at the noodle store)

And so began my mini philosophical phase.
I think there are many wrong doings one can do, and sometimes, it really boils down to a few faults that cause it.

The fallacies of immaturity

Ignorance of the multiplier effect

Description: The inherent belief that one's misdeeds will cause little effect because one is insignificant. It can also refer to wastage of time because 'it's only a little while'.
For example, if I cut queue, everyone just has to wait a little longer.

Consequences: Every tad longer accumulates. At times, the herding instinct that follows one person cutting can cost 10 minutes in lost recess times, effectively close to a third of our break.

Actions as a result: Choosing to ignore environmental acts, cutting queue, playing games for hours, oversleeping, procrastination, lack of participation in group activities, etc.

Solution?: Thinking before doing, planning, just do it (applies to environmental acts for example)


Description: Thinking straightforwardly in situations, acting on own impulse and thinking, or looking things only at surface level. Unconsciously drawing on own experience and applying it to every person and situation.
For example, 'nobody cares if I cut queue' (just because he himself thinks that way)

Consequences: Misunderstanding, misconceptions, misperceptions.

Actions as a result: This post is already an example! Arguments, telling racist/hurtful/sick jokes, aloofness, overgeneralization, assumptions, acting as if you understand people completely (Dang I'm doing it right now, it can't be helped if you want to get a point across I guess), etc.

Solution?: Keep an open mind and heart, get to know people before you judge them, don't assume anything, listen to people (not just their tone, voice, etc, even their body language, how they act, etc.), don't instigate on jokes (how would YOU know if someone is really hurting inside but keeps a false front and smiles when you insult him?)

I think I'll continue this on another day.

Rule of thirds fail. Photoshop win.

Monday, 20 September 2010

AEP has not ended

While everyone's blogs (meaning about only 7 people lol) was posting "AEP is finally over". I did not.

Apparently my teacher forgot to print my book out, but that's fine I guess, just as long as I don't get penalized for it.

Then, even now when we have 'sealed' our final products and boards, I do not rejoice.

Be realistic people! Do not over celebrate! It ain't over till its over. Till the cows come home. Till the fat lady sings. Till kingdom comes. TILL SOVA FINISHES.

Or did you think you can just smoke through it? I don't think so, so don't do that.

So I bet your wondering why I don't post much photographs nowadays? You don't? FINE. I'll tell you anyway. 1. My old stock has finished. 2. AEP forbids many of my good photos because I have included them in my coursework. 3. I don't have time to take photos anymore.

These photos were in fact taken when I was using my ancient KODAK camera. It was a time when my skills were still pretty awful. The images have not been edited.

I just realized I posted this in conjunction with the release of the Present Perfect India Issue lol.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Everything's changing

And I don't feel the same.

In one week, my brother leaves Singapore to study in the UK.
In two weeks, I graduate from four years in a wonderful school.
In four weeks, I head for the major examinations.
In three months I enter JC.

Oh I just finished watching the final episode of Scrubs.
Should I stay in the moment or look to the future?
I feel really emotional now...

Just yesterday I went to Zaki's house for Hari Raya and my mother commented, "So this is the last party before the 'O's eh?" Last. I remember our clique in secondary one, Zaki, Jason, Jian Wen and me in a little corner in the class. I cannot fathom what it would have been like without them. I don't know how to put into words my gratitude for their friendship when I was going through something. It feels like this is it. Out parting, though Jian Wen and Jason moved on, Zaki and I still bonded in AEP. Like-minded individuals to some extent. Now I leave Mother Victoria... bye Zaki. Your mother's cooking is the best.

Then the day before yesterday I accompanied my younger brother back to my Alma Mater Ngee Ann for the Lantern Festival. It was fortunate of me to see my old form teacher and chinese teacher, up till now they still teach me, give me advice. I humble myself before such great people, and I wish I knew how to express my gratitude. My form teacher asked, "So are you coming back next year?" It took me by surprise, and it still gets me thinking now. Am I?

I don't know what I'm feeling now. Is it nostalgia? Insecurity? I'm awash with feelings and I almost don't feel like studying SS. My house has a special way of being silent at times like this. I hear my waterfall flow, the fan in my room swirl. The birds singing their dawn chorus. Do I wish I could go back in time? That feeling was really why I got attached to Age of Mythology. I can imagine and feel the ancient times in their soundtrack, their characters. Perhaps in a time when life was simpler.

I'm tearing up, I should go study now...

Monday, 13 September 2010

Radicals on both sides

Like I often stress, there's always two sides to something and that balance if often my preferred route.

I'm not saying its black and white, but both sides have extremes and such.

Two articles interested me today, one on September 11 commemorations plagued by protests and one on MM Lee's interview.

There were both protesters supporting the ground zero mosque and protesters against it.

Things always start with a noble cause, don't they?
Those supporting the mosque speak of religious freedom and tolerance, a symbol of progression towards peace.
Those against the mosque spoke of insensitivity, that such a project should at least be mindful and respectful, and that the center should at least be relocated.
Unfortunately, extremists always ruin the initial noble cause.

Those against the project, who tell us its insensitive to build a mosque two blocks from 'ground zero' are now burning Korans. Irony?

Hah! I bet you thought I'd stop there? No? Really? Dang.

Those supporting the project, who say 'peace', 'freedom', even 'tolerance'. Nice words aren't they? Now they start finger pointing and calling the other side racists. Accusing them of bigotry, making false assumptions. I mean, if I say I don't really want to go out for movies today your going to call me anti-social? Blaming always lead to more blaming.

On to MM Lee's interview.
In a way, its really the same thing I'm getting at. He claims 'the greater good'. Well, I guess, everyone claims 'the greater good' don't they? Things always seem noble ideas at first. If MM Lee was willing to jail without trial because he thought it was for the better (and he was right), I'm willing to bet the communist thought spreading discord and killing people was for the better too.

I'm not attacking anyone really, I'm merely pointing out some of the fallacies and flaws of humans.
Humans are complex and imperfect, you can't expect everyone to always make the right decisions, so lets focus on the good aspects of someone who outweigh his faults.

Its from Harry Potter isn't it? Dumbledore planning mass genocide for 'the greater good'.

More from Jon Stewart, for Zaki?
The community center of death!!!

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Ending Escapism

Yay for alliteration.

Tomorrow. All I can think of as moments slowly past.

Solemn. Solitude. Melancholy. (Oh no alliteration fail Xd)

Every holiday I feel the same way. Lost.

I am not afraid, nor do I want to stay in this moment forever. Its just so sentimental.

The past few days of just floating by, not a care in the world. The solitude I'm feeling now could kill.

I feel like every moment carefully passes, every moment weighs on me like sobering up after a night of drunken revelry.

I can hear the crickets. Its not going to rain. Apparently if you count the number of ticks ONE cricket makes in 8 seconds and and 20 or something you get the accurate temperature in celsius.

But I'm not one to try and cling on to things I know are gone. I'm not one to regret anything anymore, to look back.

I want to read Eragon and would you eat your cat.

Trying out schedule thing Zaki thought me though its pretty unnecessary.
*Edit* It didn't work? Dang

It doesn't exactly suit the post but I thought it was such a waste since apparently no one listened to this song, maybe because of preconceived impressions of runescape, blinded by pride that makes them close-minded. It could be a 'new age to o levels' kinda thing? OK I'm random-ing.

Friday, 10 September 2010

Fight fire with water not more fire

As the Straits Times aptly put, 'two wrong don't make a right'.

So what in God's name, yes I say god, is pastor Terry Jones doing?

Negativity adds, not multiply. Who in their right mind would prove their enemies well, right? No one. To be fair, fanatics on the opposite side have been burning American flags and shouting 'death to America'. This doesn't mean you should do the same.

During the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis, both John F. Kennedy and Nikita Khruschev displayed brinksmanship for the greater good. If we liken the Nuclear Arms race to one of recruiting arms race between Terrorist and Counter-Terrorist, the obvious choice is to disarm if we want peace.

So don't press that button. Don't invade Cuba. Don't send a Medium Range Ballistic Missile right into Russia, because they can just as well throw it back, and only innocents will suffer.

Let us quote this 'pastor' for a moment. "We feel lives are in danger whether we do it or we don't do it...if we do not stand up now to try to expose this for what it is, in 10 years, will we even have the opportunity?" Expose what? That Islam is the spawn of you know who? Yah they heard you the first time. I guess what, their not going to feel guilty, apologize, repent, or convert to christianity. Why? Because your claim is based on a small group of people, oh wait I've heard that before...

"A small church, in a small town...burning copies of its own books, on its own property, is not responsible for the violent actions anyone may take in retaliation to our protest...If violence happens in reaction to this, the violence was not caused by us, it has just been exposed." Guess what Terry, terrorists are a small group of radicals too, yet they do so much damage socially, economically, etc. In the end, this pastor's actions are based on the false presumption that all Islam are evil terrorists. So I guess its time we call all Christians 'crusaders and Jenovah Witnesses'.

What of the Islamic Center two blocks from Ground Zero? I support it. Those people who lost their lives in a ruthless act of violence do not want to start wars. They don't want more lives to be lost like theirs. They don't want their families to continue endless arguments, stay depressed over them and never move on.

'It's an affront to the familes'? How can it be when its construction is meant to progress towards peace? How can it be that an Islamic Center = Terrorist Center?

Only if you understand sarcasm.
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Black & White

Morality. Not the game.

Is flawed, because humans are imperfect after all.

In secondary 1 I quickly termed my class as 'immature' when really I was being immature to generalize and classify. Who am I to judge when I am so imperfect?

Your walking back home.
You see a patch of grass that slightly hinders your progress.
There is pavement that winds around the small patch of grass, barely a three feet long, but you know from logic that walking via the pavement will be slower than cutting across diagonally this patch of grass.
In fact, a clear, sandy, barren route has already scarred the field.
Possibly millions of times have people trodden across quickly without hesistanting, leaving behind dry, barren soil (much like the effects of overgrazing).
Why bother eh? Let's just walk on the 'demarcated' route, nothing you do now can heal the grass.
Deep in your heart though, you know your only shaving off one second.
What will you do?

In reality. There is never really distinct black and white choices. Its all just shades of gray. I believe that our minds forsee them as black and white based on principles we set ourselves.

For me? I would always choose the pavement. I know. I know people will never change and that patch of grass will never heal. But my conscience is clear. I stayed true to myself.

Music. True blue music.

Saturday, 4 September 2010

The Consistency Challenge & Cheat

Never improving. Never deproving. That has been the most part of my life.

I'm such a loser, with never any motivation to do better.

In secondary 1 and 2 I topped the class, but only partially of my own abilities. The rest is probably talent. I look around at my classmates struggling to beat me (especially Husain), yet they always fall short, despite the fact I know they worked harder (mostly).

I'm content with where I am, but is it a bad thing? I never wish for more. As Dali said 'Intelligence without ambition is like a bird without wings.' (Sorry stole from Zaki Xd)

It feels really depressing. To stare talent in the face in defeat. I get it.
Yet they still 'niao' me for things like 'What's your L1R5?' When I know, deep down, 70% of my marks is perhaps talent. I mean, I do listen in class, but can it really do that much? Plus, I was born with good listening skills, so its still talent.

Consistent. For the rest of my life? Never. I know I'm trying to break from this cycle. The results are showing. HSS improving from B4 to consistent Distinctions. Or is that talent? I don't know.


^learn from Rifdi
You know what teaches hardwork? Runescape.

But people still cheat ... even in runescape. These people just piss me off. Plus they triumph over it! Look at Josiah. So immature, botting and laughing about it. Yes its a game, but if you do it in a game whats to say you won't do it in real life?

Maybe I'm just angry right now cause some people on my team (in a minigame) were sabotaging their own team. They laugh and call other people who are trying their very best to help their team. In the end, their efforts are all in vain.

Video Games need sportsmanship too. I know perhaps some people will probably say I'm overreacting. Humans are complex creatures and we all have different stances. My view is don't ever cheat. Maybe in single player campaigns where you can type cheat codes. But that's not really cheating because the developers made it that way. But modding (modifying), hacking..Sabotaging your own team for personal pleasure and arrogance.

This world needs some bloody integrity.
Praan by Gary Schyman. Its in Bangladeshi and was featured in 'Where the hell is Matt?' One of the best mix of piano, guitar, violin and vocals

Wednesday, 1 September 2010


Happy Teachers Day.

Teachers have always gained my respect for being upright individuals who never cease to astonish us not just with worldly facts but with all the 金玉良言 they give us.

Is she saying her final goodbye before tomorrow's killer geography exam T_T ?