Friday, 28 September 2012

I wrote a short story part 1

The categorical imperative suggests that I have an imperfect duty to fulfill to any followers I might have (evidently, I have one complaint already!!)

So here's something I wrote, partially 'inspired' by a song called 'forest dreams' as well as 'daisies and the sun'. Both are piano instrumentals (with a little synthesiser/keyboard backgrounds) produced in the album Piano Spa 6 by Warner Music SG. (I infer that they are composed and played by Singaporeans). I don't think I'm able to post the song (and clearly I can't find them on youtube, which has similarly named but different songs) though. Also 'inspired' by a quote from W.H Davies's poem 'leisure' and an old aborigine saying (got it from the game Civ 5). I wrote it just for fun and for some relaxation from studying... don't expect anything spectacular. It was meant to be read while listening to the two piano songs mentioned and with your eyes closed at times to imagine the scenery. (As I do with a lot of music) I suppose a quiet environment would have a similar effect.

The story of the traveller in wandering wood

The traveller was tall and slim, and had hair hidden underneath his dark and tattered brown hood. He hurried along a leafy road in the wandering woods.

He was the second* to attempt such a feat, that is, to travel into these half-frosted woods. This autumn morn was warm and the wind was brisk, and fresh air pervaded the undergrowth. The traveller had eyes that were hazel as the dirt and wood and all that stood out was a small azure gem that hung around his neck.

He walked on into the day till a tall oak, the tallest of its folk. the traveller unveiled his hands from his cloak and touched the gem on his neck. And it glowed...

And this glow was strange, for it was a silent glow. It was silent because it did not make a sound, but made the whole forest grow louder instead, as if the wind blew just a little harder, and the sparrows chirped a little more noisily. The traveller placed his other hand on the great tree and spoke in his heart, 'where'?

And the tree which was tall and could see, spoke with a croak of a branch, which swung, gently. As if carried by the breeze, it pointed west; or was it just me?

End of Part 1
This song doesn't fit that well so don't listen while reading, but its still awesome... and I like the band.

Friday, 14 September 2012

World Peace

Since I was 11 years old that has been my birthday wish. (You know, when you blow out the candles or what not.

But no it's not like I'm pretending to be on some higher moral ground.
I was just kind of lazy.

Also I thought about it and the old adage 'be careful what you wish for' applies, so instead of wishing something selfish that I might have regretted not choosing something else later. A universally awesome wish sufficed. Also if wishes were real (we all were a little superstitious then), I didn't feel like wasting it on a video game ya know?

But I'd like to see it one day. Would really really love to. To one day wake up and look at my newspaper headlines say 'World Peace achieved as the last militant group surrenders to UN troops' or something. That would be something wouldn't it? It's wonderful and exciting. A day when all the fighting stops. When humanity is united.

The grandeur of secular humanism has always appealed to me. Something we could do ourselves. Building a better future in fraternity and freedom. (Viva la Revolucion!)

I was thinking about it this morning because of the recent attacks on the US ambassador, and while the Economist argues that the Arab countries are moving forward, it's still a long way to go really. Osama's death. How symbolic vs pragmatic has it been? I guess it's justice but that's all to me. The extremists are still extremists. People are still getting slaughtered in Syria, Yemen...

And yeah this whole issue just annoys me how ludicrously over-reactive humans are to irrational behavior.
Look, a fucked up guy decides to make a fucked up video. I feel that Indonesia's a good example for a response here. "We think it's really offensive you're insulting our religion, but no we will not be provoked by it". Awesome sauce, no protests. The response SHOULDN'T be "Oh look this douche made stupid offensive remarks. We should go fuck up the people who had nothing to do with it and actually want to make peace with our country! (ie the diplomats)" Real smart.

Freedom of speech is not a problem. And no, it's naive to say that there shouldn't be any insulting, offensive remarks as a result, such things are normative and inevitable given our messy irrational nature at times. But we shouldn't pander to them. Just ignore the clearly stupid remarks and try to be more self-assured of your religion and yourself. An affront to religion no doubt, give a good rebuttal and move on. And if more people are starting to subscribe to this rubbish view of your religion, debate with politeness but conviction. And not burn their ambassadors and flags.

Will still wait for North Korea to start feeding its people

A real classic!

Wednesday, 12 September 2012


Initially wanted to put this as a a message on Jaren's tumblr after seeing this re-post:  http://butmyopinionisright.tumblr.com/post/31079561065/the-problem-with-the-big-bang-theory

I disagree with the the person though I haven't read the full length of his opinion (though I get the main message is we're supposed to support Penny and laugh at the nerds). I feel that perhaps some people may be slightly insecure of the personas given to them (like being called nerds). It comes across as defensive  to me in some ways, because I'm for the philosophy of laughing about everyone's quirks (including my own), and celebrating them. I do not find any of the characters 'weird' because quite honestly I think Penny and her ensemble of 'stupid' boyfriends are... well idiots. I laugh at Sheldon (for lack of a better term) not because I feel 'superior' (in fact I feel very much inferior, intellect-wise and sometimes wish the world had more people like him), but just simply because of his funny quirks, (sometimes I can relate to them too), his really good acting (as in the actor playing him is very good at that Sheldon persona). Though I do agree, that it is very disturbing that we're supposed to laugh at a person who has a real, and serious condition, yet from the outset

I did not see it that way for a few plain reasons. One is that I prefer him to his so-called 'normal' creationist mother (in terms of views, though obviously I prefer her character), and second is that he's capable of handling himself (and believing he's superior at that) in an adult world, away from his family or any support in a sense, which we don't see much in real life or other shows (often we hear talk about how we need to 'help' those kids with autism and that, when by far I think they are way more awesome than the idiots who can't do simple algebra), and frankly I don't respect someone with 'good social skills' in a sense that it's often played up to be as remarkable as intellect and logical thinking. When I hear someone is 'sociable', I often think of the dumb blonde (Unleashing all my stereotyping ) that resides in a typical High School. If you've seen the musical 'wicked', I respect the Wicked Witch very very much in the sense that she is so called 'socially awkward' but highly intellectual. No I do not pity.

I dislike the patronizing that goes on with 'nerds', and no I don't appreciate the labeling but I'm not upset about it. As the blog title goes, I'm uncool and I'm proud. The oblivious Sheldon is a model here, and frankly I don't completely disagree that he's 'superior' as he believes but at the same time, I'm all for so-called 'jocks' and what not, because contrary to what you've been led to believe in many High School dramas, the so-called 'bullies' or 'popular kids' can actually be very nice and smart students. The message is plain and simple, whatever title role society gives you, you can attempt to resist it and appear like 'the rest of them', but I ask... who the fuck gives a damn about society in the first place? Ok, granted, most people. I say you don't have to care, but stay true to yourself and do what you think is right and proper.

However, in the end, I have to concede to the person because judging by the number of re-blogs and likes, a lot of people support his view. And if the show is offensive to them, the producers should change it. Instigation is not funny. Getting laughed at is not funny (though honestly we need to be more self-confident and not rely so much on what other people think)

Yes, YOLO. No, it has nothing to do with the internet meme, it's just a good song.