Thursday, 15 June 2017

The Orange Story

I haven't cried that much in a while, and to think it was one of the most cheesy short films done well of all time. I told myself I'd immediately write about it, and... procrastinated/forgot, so I'm making a post right now before I go back to studying...

The moments a few days past now, so I'll give it a shot and finish it.

The film got to me because it understood in a fundamental way... the deep tragedy of race, nationality, etc. The tragedy is there was so much hope to overcome the arbitrary, only to be so understandably broken. It is the audacity of asking those who least benefit, are most betrayed by them to stick to ideals, and the audacity that in fact, many do that in heroism. It's the contradictions and art of being unexpected. It's the beginnings, the first-movers of taken for granted values, or those still ongoing struggles. You can see it in Judith's eyes, her confusion but realization that she can hold a different image in her head than her mothers, that slow dawning on all of humanity that the science is right - Looks. Matter. Less.


I realize I didn't finish this post at all, but I will now that I got ditched by two groups of people (one group being just 1 person), it is neither people's fault, but still, I wasted a bunch of time traveling and listened to sad music, and now am a little forlorn. Enough to finish this.

#79 Photography
Photography has always been with me since I used that DSLR for sports day in sec 1, I could use a 1000 words to describe this picture making, or I could try and show you how I feel when I take pictures through re-sharing my favourite photographer's work through the link below.

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